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Convert your current website (built on any CMS) to a fully functional, dynamic, theme based WordPress website.

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Website to WordPress

Starting from just $89 to convert your old site to Responsive & Dynamic WordPress

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We are a team of WordPress developers with experience ranging from 3-5 years. Our range of services includes migration to WordPress from other content management platforms and site builders like Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Strikingly, Yola, Drupal, Magento, Open-Cart, Joomla and more.

What all do we migrate:

  • Pages – All the pages on your current website
  • Images – All the site images corresponding to their respective content
  • Menu Items – All the links to different sections of your current site
  • Metadata – All the meta keywords, titles and descriptions
  • 301 Redirects – We redirect all your existing URLs to new ones to retain the SEO effort
  • SEO Tags – SEO title, keywords, description of pages & posts of your existing website
  • Posts – All the posts on your current website

HireWPGeeks has a solid client satisfaction record of more than 5 years. We have catered to clients across the globe and delivered WordPress conversion services timely and efficiently. Our solutions offer the latest platform-specific technologies.

We have the technical expertise needed to convert any website to WordPress. Our team of seasoned developers ensure pixel-perfect delivery every time. Meticulously coded by a team of professional developers, the migrated site will be W3C validated and cross browser compatible.

HireWPGeeks has hired domain experts for all the platforms from which it converts your current website to WordPress theme. Our company has experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge of different formats like Magento, Drupal, PSD, HTML, and many more besides WordPress. This helps us to retain the original flavor of your website while enriching it with the features offered by WordPress.

All projects are reviewed by a team of experts to ensure complete functionality. The project will be delivered to you only after rigorous testing. We use previews and real-time collaboration with you to ensure that the deliverables meet and exceed your expectations. The solution will be cost effective and extremely high quality!

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    Why Clients Choose Us




      Developers at HireWPGeeks strictly follow the Wordpress standards and object oriented programming to make sure they isolate custom developed options from core structure of CMS hence avoiding any issues with the seamless upgrade process whenever Wordpress comes up with a new version.




      We believe that every business needs unique solutions at a time as well as requires provisions to adjust with the time, so we at HireWPGeeks can offer you theme control panal for your theme project to give you hassle free control over everything of your Wordpress website.




      Our wide range of services and engagement models enables you to select the one, which you feel best for your project. With already finalized requirements we offer fixed budget / time solution, wherein we request to hire resources with SaaS based model and hourly engagement for short term services.




      Our experience of delivering more than 5000 projects of all nature including Wordpress theme development to CMS customization, plugin development & regular maintenance, led us to utilize Wordpress core structure implement requirement in progressive manner making deliverable super efficient.




      Our markup conversion process, inherits properties from W3C standards to develop most standard HTML and our Wordpress theme development practice includes SEO semantic codes not only with skeleton but also dynamic ones including provision to insert meta data for all pages and posts.




      Project management team at HireWPGeeks uses advanced and efficient management tools to map the skill set of developers with project requirements and their deliverable to maximize the output within tight deadlines and quick ETAs making seamless deliveries with every project we execute.


    While we promise 100% satisfaction at the same time we also like to make sure there is no confusion about our services so we have gathered some very frequently asked questions and their answers for you to understand our processes and structure.
    • I have a site, I don't know if it is HTML?

      No worries, if you have plain HTML it would be better, if in case you have site running on any URL, we can use that too to create your WordPress theme.

    • Can you make changes in layout during conversion?

      The cost shown here is for default conversion, we can surely make changes as per your requirements so it would attract additional billing, depending upon what changes you want to have.

    • I have a non-responisve HTML / Site?

      No problem we can work to get it converted to responsive but it depends on your current HTML structure. If it supports the responsive structure we will be happy to help you otherwise our team will notify you about the same.

    • I have 50+ pages in my website, what would be the cost?

      The cost here is for creating the theme for your website and the theme consist of templates with unique layouts. It does not matter if your website has 1000 of pages and they have only two unique layouts, we will charge you for two templates. However if you wish to have your pages created and content transferred, we would request you to contact us so that our experts can assist you with best solution.

    • I have incomplete HTML and some PSD files?

      No problem. We can work with that. Since cost and turn around time depends on what elements you have with your files (HTML and PSD both), we would suggest you to contact us and one of our expert will assist you with your project.

    • Do you charge $89 / $45 for all projects?

      Yes, this is the base cost of this kind of projects and it depends upon what is the structure of your website and what is your exact requirements. To know more about the cost / time estimate for your website, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with the same.

    • Can I hire a dedicated resource?

      Sure, you can. Please fill in the contact form and your basic requirements, our expert team will analyse and get back to you with further information on what kind of developer you should hire.