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Our developers strictly use core WordPress object oriented property to develop or customize plugins to fit-in your needs.

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Plugin Development

Plugin Development & Customization at just $15/hr

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WordPress Plugin Development Service

If WordPress themes is gravity that attracts visitors to your site, plug-ins are what keep them on it. A WordPress-powered website should have the best of both in order to enjoy satisfactory visitor retention. Thanks to the customizability of WordPress sites, HireWPGeeks has harnessed the technology well to bring to you WordPress plugin development and customization services. Ensuring visitors’ engagement like never before, our ultimate point is to create a platform that hosts an astonishing set of features that would keep your visitors interested. Developing WordPress validated themes for more than 5 years now, our experts have accrued the skills and know how to deliver by the standard of 100% satisfaction or Money back.

Our developers add subdirectories to the plugin section of WordPress to make space for the new widget. We assign the plugin names you have in mind, or devise new ones if it is left on us to decide. Post development, they place it in the PHP file comments, where from WordPress detects and integrates them to its own infrastructure. To make the process easy and fast, our descriptors feed the system with information on the ABCs of the program, its license, functions and more. Thus with us, plugin activation is almost instantaneous.

Custom WordPress plugin development is a complex task and requires expert handling. HireWPGeeks has built a reputation as a top WordPress plugin development services company because of its programmers who have extensive coding experience. They make sure that the new plugin created for your project provides the desired functionality without bloating the website. This helps in creating a feature-rich and SEO-friendly website with optimized user experience.

We are proud to have a 95% client retention, which has been made possible by our developers’ constant effort to cater to the client requirements. They have an eye for details which add finesse to the work. It takes our coders hours of brain raking and concept storming inside the lab to write out the long matrix of codes. Our plugins we develop to meet your specific requirements and add new functions to the websites concerned. Our Plug-in development team never fails the promised ETA and that makes us bankable even for short-deadline projects. Our cost-effective services coupled with assured quality have made us the No. 1 outsourcing partner for the offered kinds of open source development.

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    Why Clients Choose Us




      Developers at HireWPGeeks strictly follow the Wordpress standards and object oriented programming to make sure they isolate custom developed options from core structure of CMS hence avoiding any issues with the seamless upgrade process whenever Wordpress comes up with a new version.




      We believe that every business needs unique solutions at a time as well as requires provisions to adjust with the time, so we at HireWPGeeks can offer you theme control panal for your theme project to give you hassle free control over everything of your Wordpress website.




      Our wide range of services and engagement models enables you to select the one, which you feel best for your project. With already finalized requirements we offer fixed budget / time solution, wherein we request to hire resources with SaaS based model and hourly engagement for short term services.




      Our experience of delivering more than 5000 projects of all nature including Wordpress theme development to CMS customization, plugin development & regular maintenance, led us to utilize Wordpress core structure implement requirement in progressive manner making deliverable super efficient.




      Our markup conversion process, inherits properties from W3C standards to develop most standard HTML and our Wordpress theme development practice includes SEO semantic codes not only with skeleton but also dynamic ones including provision to insert meta data for all pages and posts.




      Project management team at HireWPGeeks uses advanced and efficient management tools to map the skill set of developers with project requirements and their deliverable to maximize the output within tight deadlines and quick ETAs making seamless deliveries with every project we execute.


    While we promise 100% satisfaction at the same time we also like to make sure there is no confusion about our services so we have gathered some very frequently asked questions and their answers for you to understand our processes and structure.
    • Can you customize a paid plug-in for us?

      Yes, we can customize paid plug-ins. But before moving in that direction, we prefer our clients to confirm how our customization will affect the support and warranty period of plug-in which is usually provided by plug-in providers.

    • What is better, customize a plug-in or creating new one?

      It depend on your project needs, if a plug-in can partially fulfils that and we need to make some changes to meet the requirements, we would recommend to go for customization but in case your requirements are to add new functions to existing ones, we prefer building a new one. We suggest you to contact us to discuss about your requirements with our experts so that we can assist you better.

    • Who will own the code after project completion?

      It is all yours. If you have hired a dedicated developer for your project we can give you project code base from day one and if you have opted for the fixed cost and time, we release the code after completion of project. In both cases, the copyright will always be yours.

    • Can I sell the plug-in you will develop for me?

      Yes, as mentioned above copyright is all yours, it’s your wish how do you want to use the plug-in.

    • Will my plug-in be compatible with next version of WP?

      Before starting the project, we request our clients to share the compatibility list of WP versions. We can provide compatibility with latest version that released before we start the project and few previous ones. We cannot be sure about the changes going to happen in next version so committing on compatibility with something which we do not have access, would not be possible.

    • I represent an agency, what's in for me?

      Good news, our engagement model is specifically developed for agencies. We offer discounts on fixed cost projects as well as attractive monthly fee of hiring developers. Also our all repeat customers are eligible to claim 10% flat discounts every time they come back with new project. Contact us now, our sales representative may be able to provide you better solution.

    • Where are your developers located?

      Our sales office in US and developers are available in India. They typically work in between 4:30 AM GMT to 1:00 PM GMT. Our team can also be available in other time-zones, to know more about the facility contact us.