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Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Gaming: Enjoy Online Game Play

WordPress Plugins for Gaming

The prevalence of gamification among popular brands has grown rapidly in recent years. These WordPress gaming contexts are very useful for anyone working on an LMS, online store, social network, or website for gathering contact information and generating leads. This article will review the top 10 gamification custom WordPress plugin development.

What is gamification?

By using gamification techniques, non-game settings can have elements of play added to them. Companies want their users to be more engaged, loyal, communicative, collaborative, and open to new ideas. Thus, they offer incentives for completing certain actions on their platforms. In addition to personal and blog sites, eCommerce and quiz portals, employment boards, affiliate marketing, and online communities can all benefit from gamification.

Benefits of Gamification

Here are a few of gamification’s draws, which explain why it’s caught on with everyone from well-known companies to startups.

  • Motivates users to take more actions on your site
  • Increases traffic to your site
  • Provides insights into customer behaviour
  • Boosts user productivity on your site
  • Guarantees that visitors become regulars
  • This flexible tool can be applied to a wide range of niches.
  • Differentiates your site from the competitors Increases brand awareness

Best Gamification Plugins For WordPress

WPLoyalty – VIP Tiers/ Achievements Campaign

If you want to construct a loyalty programme with tiers and reward consumers for reaching certain tiers, WPLoyalty is a custom WordPress plugin development you need. With this plugin, you may offer your consumers incentives like points, discounts, freebies, and even free shipping.

WPLoyalty allows you to set up a tiered system for your clientele. In addition, you can provide unique benefits to clients at various tiers. Customers will be encouraged to spend more money to use this method. In addition, you can motivate users to return every day by offering them a prize for reaching a new level in an achievement campaign you design.


  • Badge creation based on client tiers.
  • Loyal customers can trade in points for special savings.
  • Incentivise patronage with stipulations.
  • You may make birthday and referral campaigns and more.

GamiPress – Gamification plugin for WordPress

One of the most effective game-based custom WordPress plugin development is called GamiPress. The plugin enables automatically awarding points to clients for their continued participation. GamiPress also allows you to construct a ranking system (such as a grade or level) and award users for their accomplishments.

Customers can earn points through credits, gems, coins, badges, missions, and more with GamiPress. With this plugin, you can quickly establish robotic processes to award or remove points from users. Customers can be incentivised to advance in any tier or earn any award by setting their conditions.


  • Give clients a deadline by which they must fulfil a need.
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for rapidly prototyping game mechanics.
  • Users can boast about their rankings and accomplishments on any platform they like.
  • Email notifications of customer awards are standard procedure.

Optinmonster Gamification

Among Optinmonster’s many fantastic features, gamification is one you’ll appreciate immensely. A coupon wheel can be made with individualised discounts and coupons. You also have the option of selecting which consumers receive the price reductions.

The typeface and colour scheme of the coupon wheel can be altered to suit your company’s aesthetic better. The WordPress custom plugin development is preloaded with ready-to-use layouts. The drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to incorporate media like symbols, movies, and more into your project.


  • Show the discount wheel to clients at just the correct time by using the optin forms.
  • Show promotions tailored to your site visitors’ tastes.
  • Using geolocation targeting, you can restrict your gifting to a specified area.

Mycred Gamification

The MyCred gamification plugin is a great method to get repeat business from existing clients. To show gratitude, create a scoring system based on the user’s performance at each level. In addition, you can award special badges to each customer and distribute points to customers of varying ranks.

MyCred allows users to make partial payments and provides points to customers for sharing on social media. The WordPress custom plugin development also includes an alert module for chatting rank and achievement updates.


  • Allowing users to earn digital badges based on their point totals.
  • Customers should be able to pay cash for myCred points.
  • Customers should be able to redeem their myCred points for cash.
  • Produce discount vouchers that customers can redeem for prizes.

CaptainUp Gamification Plugin

WordPress offers the popular Captain Up gamification plugin to enhance the user experience and boost client happiness. Customers can be prompted to participate in contests, in-game achievements, and other activities with the help of this plugin.

Using the custom WordPress plugin development, you can make campaigns based on consumer behaviour and seamlessly connect their activities with prizes. Inspire them to action with exciting challenges and rewards like the ‘MetaGame.’ Increase your conversion rate by sending pop-up notifications to your consumers during optimal engagement times.


  • Enable users to earn trophies and progress to higher tiers.
  • Customers should receive prizes on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Obtain immediate feedback from clients.
  • Give out coins and points to loyal consumers.

Bepro Points Gamification

If you run a WooCommerce store on WordPress, you should also check out the BePro plugin. The plugin allows you to easily integrate gamification features without disrupting users’ flow. The custom WordPress plugin development also makes it simple to engage with customers by awarding them points for their purchases.

Users can earn virtual credits for doing things like leaving comments or making purchases and then spend those credits on future purchases with the help of the gamification plugin—an excellent tool for turning casual site visitors into committed buyers.


  • Develop a client loyalty programme based on point accumulation.
  • Include user achievements and accomplishments in user profiles.
  • Pick a single category of goods to discount and promote.
  • Don’t award points for all eligible purchases.

BadgeOS Gamification plugin for WordPress

When motivating users with points, ranks, and digital badges, BadgeOS is one of the best WordPress gamification plugins available. The plugin lets you engage with your audience by developing rank and achievement campaigns at scale.

You can use the gamification custom WordPress plugin development to award different types of points to customers based on their purchase history and actions. Customers’ actions on the site can easily be rewarded with points and detected by the system. Incentives like point systems can be used to spur customers to act.


  • The ability to make various awards.
  • Make a tiering system that allows users to be placed in various positions.
  • Verified open-badge compliance to validate user skills and knowledge.
  • Customers should be able to post their badges on various social media sites.

WP Optin Wheel – Gamified tool for WordPress

For WooCommerce and WordPress, WP Optin Wheel is the first ever gamified opt-in plugin. With this plugin, you may collect customer email addresses in exchange for entries into a drawing for cool rewards. Customers can spin the discount wheel by inputting their email addresses and potentially winning a discount.

The WordPress custom plugin allows you to use a given theme or design a unique one. You can change the slice’s colour, replace the backdrop image, and more. The Woo coupons plugin works well with the WP Optin wheel, allowing you to produce a discount code instantly.


  • Allow customers to know when they win or lose via email.
  • Quickly and easily determine which players should win and lose.
  • Identify incorrect or fake email addresses to stop anyone from signing up for your list.
  • Include and verify the use of checkboxes before adding players to your email lead programme.

QSM Gamified Quizzes and Leaderboards

QSM offers a plugin called Gamified Quizzes and Leaderboards for the WordPress-based quiz management system. This plugin makes quizzes and surveys made with QSM more fun by introducing gamification features.

If you’re using QSM to make quizzes or surveys, this is one of the best plugins to make them more like games. The WordPress custom plugin is user-friendly and allows for some serious personalisation, not to mention it’s loads of fun to play around with.


  • Incorporate gamification features like badges and points.
  • QSM can be used to make surveys and quizzes.
  • Give out incentives to clients who finish the quizzes.
  • Incorporate leaderboards to showcase the highest-scoring participants in each test or poll.

WPAchievements Gamification Plugin

WPAchievements is a WordPress plugin incorporating game elements and awards into your site to boost user participation. If you own a business, e-learning platform, or community website and want to provide your users with a more interactive and engaging experience, this plugin is for you.

You can boost user involvement and increase sales with the help of the WPAchievements gamification custom WordPress plugin development. You may modify the plugin to suit your needs and preferences, and it comes with a variety of features, including points, badges, prizes, leaderboards, and integrations with other services.


  • Instant pop-up alerts for users when they complete a task or unlock an achievement.
  • Show an interactive map of current progress to motivate players to finish objectives.
  • Customers should be able to access bonus features by inputting a unique activity code.
  • Generate correct parameters for shortcodes without having to learn any coding.


Engaging and active users on your site can be fostered with the help of gamification custom WordPress plugin development. There are a lot of fantastic tools at your disposal if you want to incentivise users to take specific activities on your site or make it more enjoyable for them. Feature-wise, the plugins we’ve covered here can be used to create anything from a basic point system to a complex game.