WordPress Tips

How to properly move from Weebly to WordPress

The majority of to-be bloggers have poor knowledge before starting out and prefer the easy route to develop the necessary skills. 90 percent of these bloggers make the first mistake in choosing their platform. They opt for a platform that is apparently ‘easy-to-use’, but in the long run due to factors such as Pay Per […]

How to export and import content data in WordPress?

Often situations arise where an individual or organization requires a carbon copy of all their website content for either restructuring, backup, web hosting or domain shifting purposes. Even in cases when years have passed and you have a more detailed and effective content plan in place, you may want to back-up your previous website data […]

Setting Google Site Kit for your WordPress plugin

The popularity of WordPress in a short span has made it a sensation over virtual platforms. Because of this immediate success, Google itself has assessed several search queries requested for WordPress plugin development. The plugins and other pieces of information regarding WordPress website designers were the most sought after searches on google. Hence, google expressed the […]