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Automated Website Conversion from Html to CMS Platform

Are you prepared to hear some very incredible news? An industry-first website transfer tool has finally announced its availability. You may automatically migrate your HTML website’s content to a content management system. It’s a given that you can tailor an HTML-based website to your requirements and preferences once it’s up and running. But it would […]

The Best Ways to Embed Images in HTML Email

As the old saying goes, a picture is truly worth a thousand words. In order to effectively convey your content and increase subscriber engagement, images are an essential component of HTML emails. With so many different email clients and devices, however, it can be tricky to integrate images in HTML emails. Learn how to incorporate […]

7 Ways to Start Learning JavaScript as a WordPress Developer

Greetings from the intriguing world of JavaScript! Learning this potent scripting language allows you to create dynamic, interactive websites, ideal for individuals looking to switch from HTML to WordPress development. Your abilities will improve due to utilizing JavaScript to its full extent, enabling you to create flexible WordPress apps. This content is your entry point to […]

How to Convert HTML Theme to WordPress Theme

User-friendly platforms like WordPress have radically altered the publishing landscape. A high-performance, professionally-designed website can now be created without writing any code. This was only sometimes the case, though. Web pages used to be built almost exclusively with HTML, occasionally supplemented with JavaScript and CSS, before the rise of content management systems like WordPress. If […]

How to Convert Any Website Into a Figma Design

Web and UI designers frequently utilise Figma, a popular vector graphics editor. Without having to learn programming or use complicated software, it enables designers to produce professional-grade work in a short amount of time. Another reason it’s so well-liked is that it can be used to make designs for desktop, web, and mobile apps. The […]