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How to Create a Blogging Website in WordPress using Bloger WordPress Theme

Thinking of creating a website or blog via the help of WordPress? Need some guidance like a pipelined process? Or are you constantly getting stuck in initiating your online venture? Do not fret. This article will cover in detail how to create a blogging website in WordPress, that too with the help of an all-rounder Bloger WordPress Theme. There is no better route to spreading your footprint globally than creating an online portfolio with as much information as you like. Also, if converting from a PSD to WordPress theme, is your focus, then the Bloger theme comes with on-point compatibility.

To successfully create a WordPress website, you will need a few things in place –

  • Domain name – This would be the name of your website that people can use to navigate themselves to your page on the world wide web. The prefix of a website name is what the domain name comprises of.
  • Website Hosting – You are required to purchase a web hosting domain in order to make a website. Once this is done you have to simply head to the admin panel and install WordPress for making use of its tools and features to beautify your website.

Now you head to the accessories themes section and search for the aptest theme for your domain of expertise. Since this article is based on the Bloger theme, you will download the Bloger theme. Once downloaded simply upload the zip file on your WordPress dashboard and activate it.

  • Bloger Theme – This is the tool that can provide endless functionality options ranging from fonts, background, color usage, headers and footers, tabs and link formatting as per required standards. Whether this is for a basic or professional website is irrelevant, as the Bloger theme is made with flexibility in terms of website designing expertise. Creating a medical services-based website? A personal or company online portfolio? Fashion-based blog? Organization hierarchy-focused blog? This is your best bet in terms of utmost customization. You have the choice to choose from 3 homepage layouts – grid layout, full-width layout or the default full-width layout without a sidebar. Some more impeccable features offered by the Bloger theme are stated below –
  1. There is a detailed guide that comes in a file that will automatically be downloaded with the Bloger theme. This comes with an installation guide and full-fledged information of all features that can be used.
  2. The designs that this theme accommodates are sufficient to cover all devices that the website can be accessed on. Be it a smartphone, laptop or tablet, these highly responsive designs allow seamless conversion of websites to WordPress, domain. The primary design of the theme is taken care of by the developers, and you are assured a base from where you can build in any direction you choose.
  3. WordPress customization access is another trait that makes this theme the best choice in the website design market. Play around with the settings tab, pages tabs, background sounds and visuals, an entire spectrum of color combinations and all forms of content you decide to include in your blog.
  4. Widgets such as author profile for your users to refer to, Instagram and Pinterest feed widgets all come with the theme and allow you to upload, curate and create desirable content across multiple platforms. The slider feature on the home page allows viewers to comfortably navigate through different sections and sub-sections of your website.
  5. If you opt for the Bloger Pro Theme by paying some amount of money then converting from PSD to WordPress themes can be done in a few simple steps followed by additional features that can be used for further optimization and beautification of your blog. Be it theme colors, header and footer images, creating shortcodes, Nofollow links, preloading settings and an exceptional one-click for demo import feature.

The most widely used web hosting service is Bluehost and is recommended for all first time WordPress website builders. Simply choose a paid or free web hosting domain name under Bluehost, fill in your account information, choose your desired package and pay the amount. After this, you can install the WordPress software, head to the posts tab and began creating your very first blog post. Make use of multiple themes and plugins to analyze and study the best suiting outlook of your website. Work with improved SEO mechanisms, create backups, link social media profile data via the click of a button and build attractive contact forms that make your viewers want to interact with you on a personal and business level.

The whole point of spreading awareness about the Bloger theme is that it can be used free of cost. Any issues faced during downloading, using features or registering your domain via the Bloger Theme can be resolved easily with the help of their documented guide or their 24/7 365-days a year support system.

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