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How to Add Meta Descriptions in WordPress (Improve Click-Through Rate up to 5.8%)

If you don’t apply meta descriptions to your website, you’re losing out on a huge opportunity to draw and transform new visitors. It might not seem like a huge deal, but this can make an enormous difference when a specific fragment occurs in google search results. You might lose clicks without one.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the brief sentences that display on the Google and Bing google results sites. The meta description is a string of up to 155 characters-an HTML tag-that describes the contents of a website. Search engines display the meta description in search engine results often when the term searched is within the text, so refining the meta description is essential for SEO on the website. Search engines such as Google use a device to search the link, called a web crawler. The data allows them to show it correctly in search results, so when people search for similar keywords, you will identify them.

Crawlers at Google are stronger than they used to be. Besides, they now can instantly extract a title and meta description, and work out all the subject of a website without you clearly defining keywords explicitly.

If your meta description is not created, Google can create one for you by taking material from the website. But you might miss an opportunity to convince the public to click the link with a tailored conversion excerpt.

There are various changes you can make to your template from within your admin panel based on the theme you’re using for your WordPress domain. WordPress theme customization service gives a hand in creating your page. The theme design page lets you change the title and tagline of your site to see how it can automatically look on your actual website. To do so, extend the configuration section Site Identity and adjust the code. When you click in, you will see the new message displayed on the right-hand side in the demo. Only press on the significant Save & Publish button when you’re satisfied with the outcome.

The WordPress theme customization services help you to turn your themes into the all-inclusive, flexible, and captivating solutions.

How do they work?

WordPress experts believe that, in reality, meta descriptions do not have a direct impact on your SEO rating. Still, Google often suggests producing customized ones for each page of your web. It is the keywords contained in your text that are essential for SEO. What effect meta descriptions have is the tap-through rate (CTR), or even how many users choose to interact on your article. Search engines that create a paragraph instantly, and if that definition doesn’t do an excellent job of capturing what your material is all about, people choose to ignore and then select a different website. Creating your meta descriptions provides greater control over the content that people are seeing. It will sometimes present portions of the content of a website that are more important to a request by a customer. But for most situations, rather than using a self-generated one, it tends to rely entirely on the snippet you received.


Click-through-rate is a measurable statistic that is conveyed in percentage, taking into account how many times a link is clicked against the number of times it was viewed. Measuring or understanding the success of the email marketing strategies, shows, and paying queries are beneficial. It also shows subject line output, ad copy, and Metadata (titles and descriptions). Therefore Metadata’s effectiveness is related to the optimal CTR.

As studied by the WordPress experts, adequately described Meta descriptions would ultimately prove beneficial in having Clicked through Rates (CTR) improved. So it’s best to include the possible phrases and relevant keywords that can help clarify the article.

If nothing else would, an appropriate summary and title will undoubtedly force the user to press.

Title Tags

Title tags are being used to educate users and search engines on what the site is really about in even the most descriptive and effective way possible. The title will show up in multiple other places on the internet, together with the tab in your web browser. Additionally, if posted on other blogs or any social media platforms, the title would be drawn in as the anchor word.

You may be losing out on clicks and transactions without tailored, individually crafted meta descriptions. The hit or miss helping google produce excerpts. When writing your own, you have a chance to make a pitch to ensure people can have a fully informed decision. As research indicates, custom meta descriptions can boost your CTR by up to 5.8 percent, which in itself is a good result given the few resources you may need to develop them. You can either modify your WordPress files directly or use the SEO plugin to manage your snippets and provide a meta description to WordPress.

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