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How to Hire the Best WordPress Plugin Developers 2023: Simple Tips & Tricks


Building a prominent online visibility is vital for businesses in the present time. However, the task of attracting customers to a WordPress website is quite challenging. One is likely to seek help from professionals with the necessary skills to transform a vision into outstanding digital realities.

Websites that feature seamless interfaces with captivating visuals will retain visitors longer. These not only represent the essence of a brand but also do the task of converting visitors into customers. A well-designed WordPress platform by an expert WordPress plugin developer can greatly benefit a business in the long run.

The below section will take you through a complete guide to understanding the various aspects of hiring a WordPress developer for custom WordPress plugin development.  Whether you are running a startup or an established market player. WordPress development can significantly help in enhancing the market presence.

When it is worth hiring a WordPress developer?

At present building a fully-fledged WordPress platform is quite easy even without coding knowledge.

However, several businesses choose to hire WordPress plugin developer for the task. It is one thing that has a significant benefit in the long run.

Benefits of hiring a WordPress developer

  • Professional WordPress plugin developer can provide customizable functions to a website. It is helpful when a business needs to implement specific features and functions.
  • One has to invest less time in learning the technical aspects of WordPress development
  • The website has an organized layout with all features and buttons in the right places for easy access.
  • There is always the support of an expert in the event of technical glitches, updates, and more.

Disadvantages of hiring a WordPress developer

  • Business owners have to rely on the developer to manage and maintain a platform.
  • The cost of hiring a developer ranges between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.
  • Businesses with simple websites with less complex features typically do not require the support of an expert.
  • Building and publishing the website can take longer than usual.

Who would be the right WordPress professional for your business?

All the above factors are important however project complexity and budget has the most significant role. If your website is not very complex or includes custom features a DIY approach can be sufficient.

On the other hand, those with a tight budget and need for customizable features in custom WordPress plugin development can greatly benefit from hiring a professional WordPress developer.

Steps for finding and evaluating potential WordPress development experts

When you are searching for a dependable WordPress developer there are two common options referrals and online platforms.

Finding WordPress developers from online platforms

The emergence of online platforms has completely transformed people’s search and hire professionals for various roles. These are essentially marketplaces where prospective candidates get to showcase their skills, previous experience, and portfolio.

Some of the notable advantages of online platforms include


Online platforms give complete transparency by offering comprehensive profiles, reviews, and more. The information is beneficial for evaluating candidates based on developer qualifications, performance, experience, and other parameters.

Diverse talent pool

As a business owner, you get access to an extensive selection of WordPress developers from across the globe. Online platforms make certain one has access to the right kind of skills based on project demands.

Secure payment options

Reputed platforms have secure payment options and systems. It ensures all financial transactions are safe. Payment is usually held in escrow till completion of a project.

Efficient searching and filtering

Advanced searching and filtering functions allow more efficient searching. These are typically based on criteria such as experience, skills, budget, etc. Not only does it save time but also helps in the identification of candidates with the right set of skills for a project.


Word of mouth has always been a continent means of searching for professionals. Personal recommendations from reliable sources can help skilled professionals who are not active on online platforms. Below are some of the ways to leverage referrals effectively.

Taking part in online communities

Engaging with WordPress-related online communities like Facebook groups, Forums, and other related platforms. These communities typically have members who can provide relevant referrals.

Exploring with a personal network

Searching personal and professional networks is equally effective. Check for recommendations from friends, colleagues, and acquaintances who have a good experience with developers.

Credential verifications

Even at the time of receiving a referral, it is critical to conduct necessary due diligence. It is always a wise decision to check the developer’s portfolio and review previous work that fits the project’s requirements.

Participating in events and WordPress meet-ups

Attending conferences and meet-ups in the locality can help find valuable referrals. These gatherings are particularly excellent opportunities for meeting candidates in person.

The process of hiring a WordPress developer

As you know by now hiring a WordPress developer is an excellent decision but there are a few risky aspects of it as well. Hence it is important to have the support of the right person.  Let us take a look at what you will need to do to further maximize the possibilities of creating a stellar product.

Recognizing project requirements and goals

When it comes to WordPress development it is crucial to have a clear idea of the project. Business owners must be able to communicate with a developer and assess whether they will be a good fit for the project.

Factors to consider for determining the scope of the project

  • Purpose of the website
  • Target audience
  • Features and functions
  • Customization options like theme, plug-in, maintenance, etc.
  • Design preferences

Why Hiring a WordPress Developer is Crucial for Your Business

Determining the cost of development

Developing a customized WordPress website from scratch is an expensive undertaking. WordPress websites are a lot cheaper in comparison to other platforms. Yet one should be aware of the expenses necessary in the process.

The overall WordPress plugin development cost will largely depend on the project scope. Typically WordPress developers charge per hour basis. So the larger the project higher the expense.

Complexity is another factor that impacts expense. Custom-built functionality is more expensive to develop and implement. Normally a basic website, blog, or brochure is relatively less expensive.

Another factor that impacts development costs is the experience of the developer. You are likely to come across developers that charge between $5-100 per hour. It is where you will find the most competent developers.

So the expense of developing a customizable WordPress website can range between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Essential skills and qualifications to look for in a potential hire

If you are planning to hire a WordPress developer for your business. The below section will guide you in assessing a candidate. You will always have an edge if you have some technical know-how in custom WordPress plugin development.


Always check a developer’s experience of working on WordPress websites and knowledge of the latest technologies and trends.


Take a look at the portfolio to understand the diversity and quality of previous work. Consider projects that have similarities with your business to make certain relevant experiences.

Skills and communication

The candidate should be proficient in languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.  Effective communication is a key skill for developers. You need to make certain that the developer can convey project requirements and ideas.  Lastly, you need to have an in-person conversation with the candidate before making any decision. Check their experience to let the candidate know your needs.  Considering these factors will allow you to communicate and understand the requirements. As a result, it would become a lot easier to hire a candidate with the right set of skills for WordPress plugin development.

Wrapping Up

Finding and hiring a suitable WordPress developer for your next project is a big decision. By following the tips and tricks discussed above one can make informed decisions that align perfectly with certain project goals. This is necessary for ensuring the success of a custom WordPress plugin development. Business owners typically have very little time to focus on website development and related processes. Hence commissioning the task is the best decision as one can fulfill their requirements without compromising in terms of features and functions.