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11 Tips To Create Project Brief To Hire WordPress Expert

Hire WordPress Expert

All business owners invest in creating a significant presence for their enterprise in the virtual world and look to hire WordPress expert or any other professional for the purpose. An entrepreneur may need to search for a competent WordPress expert for hire not only for creating a new website but for making major modifications to an existing one or for some other tasks such as customizing a theme or a plugin. People must create a detailed project brief which will not only help them in identifying the type of professional most suitable for their job but also assist them in communicating with the expert. Some valuable tips are being presented for writing an accurate project brief which will be helpful to people wishing to hire WordPress programmers.

1. Objective Of The Project

The first and most important point to be mentioned in the brief is the primary objective of the project and the client must specifically state whether he/she needs a professional for WordPress website development or for any other tasks like theme customization or plugin development. This will help in identifying the most suitable developer who will be possessing expertise in the requisite field.

2. Estimated Budget Of The Task

Another vital point which must be clearly mentioned is the estimated budget of the whole task as thought by the client or the amount that he/she is willing to pay to the chosen developer or firm. This will also be helpful for the professional who can get an idea about the extent of the project from the price quoted by the client.

3. Define The Target Audience

Owners must include a short but explanatory note in the project brief defining the type of the audience they hope to target with the project. A developer needs to know about the end-user as well as the intent of the owner in order to create an effective website that provides optimum user experience as well as helps in achieving the business goals of the enterprise.

4. Expected Time For Completing The Project

A business owner must mention the expected time in which he/she expects that the project will be realized. Stating the complete duration for which the entrepreneur needs to hire WordPress expert apart from a deadline will be helpful for developers as they will also get an idea whether the upcoming project in any manner will hamper the progress of their ongoing commitments.

5. Include Project Milestones

Besides providing the information about the expected deadline, the client must also include the major project milestones in the brief. Having milestones is one of the best ways to monitor the progress of the development process and understand whether the project is moving as per schedule or not. It is impossible to prepare a detailed list of all milestones before hiring an expert but some major junctures in the project lifecycle can be scheduled beforehand.

6. Idea About The Design

The owner must provide a detailed description of the design elements and ideas which he/she wants to be incorporated into the new website. The virtual interface is a vehicle for communicating the branding strategy and all the relevant information and requirements must be included in the project brief so that the developer understands what the final product must look and feel like.

7. Provide Examples And References

Entrepreneurs conduct a comprehensive analysis of their competitors as well as the best performers of their domain in order to identify the best practices and strategies which can be used by them. A similar approach must be adopted for WordPress development projects and providing a list of websites that they like or the themes and plugins which they feel will be useful to them must be included in the project brief.

8. Present A Payment Plan

One of the most critical aspects of any development project which is of utmost importance for both the sides. The client must present a plan which includes the amount as well as the time at which the various installments will be paid to the expert. The terms of payment that the owner is ready to offer and agree to must also be a part of the payment plan.

9. Modes Of Communication

The manner in which the client wants the professional to convey the developments of the project and the preferred modes of communication (e.g email, online messenger) must be mentioned in the project brief. Lack of communication can be detrimental to the project and therefore this section must be a part of the description.

10. Support And Maintenance

The development project does not end with the website going live and the owner must mention the duration and the type of support and maintenance that he/she expects the professional or the agency to provide.

11. Ownership And Protection Of Intellectual Property Rights

The client must explicitly state that the ownership of the website, theme or plugin being created rests with him/her and it is the duty of the professional and all associated personnel to protect the intellectual property rights of the creations and do not leak any sensitive information to unauthorized entities.


A comprehensive project brief will be helpful in eliminating any unsuitable professionals and will pare down the list to the most appropriate developers from which the client looking to hire WordPress expert can make the necessary selection.

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