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6 Reasons To Convert HTML To WordPress With HireWPGeeks

A large number of people are looking to convert HTML to WordPress websites. The reason behind their move is to enjoy the flexibility and user-friendliness offered by the CMS. However, they require expert professionals to conduct the migration process smoothly. In the hands of inexperienced developers, an HTML to WordPress project can easily run into trouble. HireWPGeeks is one of the best-known names in the WordPress web development sector. The firm has on board some of the most knowledgeable and experienced developers in the business. It has a dedicated section which only handles migration projects which helps in moving existing websites from other formats. Let’s see why clients must choose the firm for shifting an HTML website to WordPress.

1. Fully Responsive Conversion

We are living in a world being ruled by mobile devices. These handheld gadgets along with the internet have completely transformed the way we live and conduct business. The prime concern of website owners is whether their interface will be rendered perfectly on all devices or not. HireWPGeeks ensures that all the conversions help clients get access to a fully responsive website. The agency’s developers see to it that the design and content are displayed perfectly on all kinds of screens. They also make sure that the end user gets to access the website’s functionality with any problems.

2. Clean And Structured Code

An important aspect of any kind of web development project is the code. Experts insist that the final code must be clean and well-structured so that the final product is efficient. When existing interfaces are transferred to another platform, the developers have to ensure that the new code is not bloated. This will affect the loading speed of the website as well as its user engagement. The firm has instructed its professionals that the code written by them must be in compliance with W3C standards. This ensures that the final product can be easily managed and can be customized according to changing requirements.

3. Theme Control Panel

Themes are one of the most user-friendly features of the open-source platform. These readymade templates enable users to build a functional website without needing to input any code. People looking to convert HTML to WordPress have to simply choose a theme which best suits their requirements. There are numerous templates available for free or at a price. HireWPGeeks increases the convenience of this feature by adding a theme control panel to all its projects. This console contains all the necessary options for managing the theme which users can access in a single click. Website owners enjoy total control over the main features of their template through this panel.

4. Widget-ready Themes

WordPress simplified the web development process by empowering amateurs with little technical knowledge to create websites. Most of the time, instead of writing code, users have to simply select pre-built elements for building an interface. Widgets are another convenient feature which users can drag and drop on to their website for adding functionalities. HireWPGeeks ensures that clients get access to widget-ready themes. This means there are areas on the interface, where users have to simply pick and drop the desired functionality. Moreover, the developers are trained to design code in a manner which makes the theme compatible with all major widgets.

5. Optimized For Performance

The main objective of converting to WordPress is to get a fast and optimized interface. It is the duty of the programmers to ensure that the final product has these qualities. They must move all the valuable content including images and videos to the new website. In addition to this, all the SEO tags must also be migrated. Redirects to old URLs have to be set so that the traffic is directed to the website. All this is vital to ensure that the interface provides a satisfying and complete user experience. The developers at the firm ensure that all the activities are conducted so that the final product is properly optimized.

6. Upgrade-friendly

WordPress is an open source platform which is supported by a large developer community. These professionals have enriched the CMS with their contributions. However, the benefit can also cause some problems such as compatibility errors. Many times it is seen that a theme or plugin does not work properly with an updated WordPress version. The developers at the firm make sure that their clients do not face the inconvenience. They are masters of object-oriented programming and adept at using native WordPress APIs. Their themes are built to be compatible with any future upgrades on the platform.


HireWPGeeks is one of the leading companies in the WordPress development industry. Engaging the firm to convert HTML to WordPress will help in accessing an attractive and easily-scalable interface.

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