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6 Reasons Why PSD To WordPress Conversion Is A Natural Choice

PSD to WordPress Conversion

It is a well-known fact that WordPress is the most popular medium in the world for building websites. It is the engine that runs over 34% of the total number of websites in the world. The CMS offers a wide range of convenient features to users. Even then there is a section of people that are not inclined to use the platform. Here we are listing the top reasons why PSD to WordPress conversion must be a natural choice for website owners. PSD or Photoshop Document format is mainly used by people looking for an attractive design. However, apart from the visual appeal, there are not many benefits that this platform provides. On the other hand, getting on the world’s number 1 CMS gives you access to numerous advantages, some of which are listed here.

1. Acquire A Much More Suitable Design

As mentioned before, the main reason people use PSD is that it gives access to a beautiful layout. However, only visual appeal is not enough and the design must be in synchronization with your website category and business objectives. WordPress has a huge library of over 31,000 pre-built themes that have been organized into different categories. The classification has been done based on top industries and professions. This means that, in addition to attractiveness, all these layouts contain the essential features required by a specific interface. When you switch to the CMS, you can acquire a better and much more suitable design.

2. WordPress Is A Cost-effective Platform

Irrespective of whether you are building a simple blog or an enterprise website, the cost will always be a key factor. You need expert developers to create and maintain PSD interfaces. This can increase the expenses associated with website management. WordPress is open-source meaning its core files can be downloaded for free. Moreover, most of the themes and plugins offered by the CMS are available for free. Apart from this, you do not need to get professional assistance for editing content or undertaking minor modifications. When you convert PSD to WordPress theme, you will notice that your website-related expenses automatically get reduced. 

3. Enjoy The Benefit Of Better Online Visibility

You need to optimize your website for the search engines in order to get in front of relevant audiences. SEO is an important strategy that can help your interface succeed. It will be pertinent to use a platform that is inherently SEO-friendly. The open-source CMS has various in-built attributes like an efficient code and the facility for defining optimized URLs. This means that a website is geared for better online visibility since its inception. The capabilities of the interface can be further enhanced by using SEO-specific plugins that help in optimizing content and other on-page factors.

4. Access A More User-friendly Website 

PSD to WordPress conversion gives you access to a more user-friendly website than your present one. The learning curve of the CMS is much easier than that of the PSD format. There is minimal coding required for conducting most tasks. An intuitive dashboard gives you control over every aspect of your interface. You can use it to add and edit content or make changes to its appearance or functionality. Everything can be done without needing to add any code. This is a great convenience for people who are not technically proficient. Instead of looking for professional developers for even minor tasks, they can conduct the functions by themselves.

5. Facility For Easy Integration Of E-commerce 

Do you know that you can build an e-commerce store on WordPress without writing a single line of code? We told you in the beginning that the open-source platform is the world’s most popular website building tool. You will be amazed to know that it is also among the top 3 e-commerce development solutions in the world. This is largely due to its WooCommerce plugin. Activating this tool on an interface adds an online store to it, with all the basic features. Apart from this, there are various other plugins that can be used for similar purposes. Moreover, you can integrate various third-party marketing solutions with your interface to popularize and promote your products and services.   

6. Enjoy The Support Of A Large And Vibrant User Community

The immense popularity and open-source character of the platform have led to the growth of a large and vibrant user community. You can find top experts, professional developers, and enthusiasts on various kinds of forums, groups, etc. This means that new users like you who have just migrated from PSD to WordPress get help from a variety of resources. You can find numerous tutorials and guides in text and video formats. There are hundreds of websites apart from forums that are dedicated solely to WordPress web development. Users looking for more sophisticated solutions can find agencies that work only on projects related to the CMS. No other web development platform provides this kind of extensive and versatile support to its users.


You will now be aware of the benefits of migrating a PSD website to WordPress. However, the process is technical and any mistakes can put your valuable content at risk. You can hire WordPress developers who are conversion specialists as well, from HireWPGeeks to complete the project without any trouble. Call, email or fill the contact form and request a quote for your website conversion project.

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