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6 Strong Reasons To Migrate From Drupal To WordPress

Content Management Systems (CMS) have simplified the process of website building. They have become the first choice of numerous users for creating an interface. Beginners like these tools as they do not require them to write code for building a website. On the other hand, developers favor these systems because they help in improving their efficiency and productivity. However, choosing the correct CMS is necessary for acquiring a suitable interface. Drupal and WordPress are two well-known platforms with their own sets of advantages and drawbacks. In this article, we are discussing why one should migrate from Drupal to WordPress. Drupal is an effective platform but it cannot match the versatility and ease of general functionality offered by WordPress. Let’s take a look at some strong reasons why Drupal owners must move to the other CMS.

1. Versatile Customization Options

Drupal cannot match the vast and varied range of free and premium WordPress themes. Many of these templates are built by professional development agencies. These templates are sorted according to various industries and professions. Each design contains the necessary elements required by an interface belonging to its specific category. The thems provided by the world’s most popular CMS are aligned with their target users’ requirements. The advanced functionalities and versatile customization options offered by these layouts help in the creation of truly unique interfaces.

2. Low Cost Of Development

Both the web building tools are open source platforms but the development of cost varies due to their differing technical nature. Drupal requires the skills of technically efficient coders for building an efficient website. Hiring expert professionals can be a costly affair. The cost can escalate even further if the project demands the incorporation of rich features. On the other hand, WordPress users can easily add numerous beneficial features with the help of free plugins. Moreover, the platform enables people with limited technical knowledge to easily build an interface.

3. Unmatched SEO Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of Drupal to WordPress migration is access to an SEO-friendly platform. Drupal helps in the creation of fast loading pages even if they contain voluminous content. However, it cannot match the advantages provided by the other CMS when it comes to search engine optimization. WordPress has numerous plugins which have been built specifically for SEO purposes. These tools help webmasters in adding critical on-page elements like titles and meta descriptions. They also help in optimizing the website content with relevant keywords.

4. Availability Of Numerous Plugins

Another area where WordPress scores over its competitor is extending the functionality of an interface. There are numerous plugins provided by the official development team as well as third-party professionals. Website owners who migrate from Drupal to WordPress can use these plugins to transform their interfaces according to their preferences. Drupal offers modules for the same purpose but their range is limited as compared to WordPress plugin directory. Moreover, the plugins created for WordPress are built with an amateur user in mind. They come with easy-to-understand controlling features and documentation. Drupal modules can be difficult to comprehend for beginners.

5. Accessible Website Management

Drupal is a highly technical platform with a steep learning curve. In case you look at it closely, you will feel that it was built specifically for professional coders. This complicates things for people with limited technical know-how, especially during website management. Anyone who does not possess programming skills will find it difficult to operate its admin panel. The WordPress admin dashboard looks as if it was built for beginners. Everything is self-explanatory and there is a minimum requirement of coding. People can intuitively control their entire interface and conduct routine tasks easily.

6. Vibrant Developer Community

One of the strongest reasons for switching to WordPress is its vibrant developer community. This large group of people has enriched the platform by providing solutions, tips, tricks, and other useful information. Beginners can find assistance on the official website and numerous other forums and user groups. No other CMS has such a vast community actively interacting on all aspects of the platform. Just search for any topic and you are bound to find extensive text and visual-based information on it. The same cannot be said about Drupal as new users struggle to find material crafted specifically for them.


Migrating a website is a complex task but it is necessary for acquiring a high-performance interface. You can hire professional WordPress website development services which undertake conversion projects to switch platforms.

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