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7 Best WordPress Web Development Trends For 2020

WordPress has been dominant in the marketplace when it emanates to being the most reliable CMS and WordPress theme customization platforms for web design and web development. It has been influential in serving customers to construct their websites, which is the basis of a brand’s individuality. They subsidize a noteworthy amount to the web marketplace with a stake of 34% of the websites being built and working by the use of WordPress over the Internet. This content management system has an overall market share by 60.8% according to various reports made public in the past years. 

WordPress has at all times integrated newer expertise to make sure that there is a continuous revolution for its customers. The business has come an elongated way in terms of integrating new landscapes and functionalities that aid in integrating the customer’s visualization. The development services have been rising progressively which is significant to uphold client engagement. The year 2020 could be called the year of growth for WordPress theme customization and development services.

Here are some of the trends that will rule the web development industry in this year:

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the topmost developments of the present time. It is considered to be one of the vital constituents used in the approaches of digital revolutions.  Artificial intelligence will certainly speed up the UI/UX as well as aid to enhance the website.

Businesses are by now using Artificial intelligence in a number of ways. Dropping costs, computerizing the numerous arms of the trade as well as improve time management. These are merely some of the noticeable usages. The character of artificial intelligence is first predicted to increase in the subsequent year. Businesses will be profoundly reliant on the technology for customer contentment and efficiency enhancement.

2. The use of multi-purpose themes

WordPress at present has a versatile theme permit, which lets its consumers to construct any kind of website, which spans from corner to corner for numerous flairs. The themes permit customizations, are sleek and previously have a group of plug-ins to select from.

The intention of why this versatile theme is achieving acceptance is for the reason that it shields a huge number of live websites. Here and now with a group of establishments choosing WordPress for business website expansion, there is a great likelihood that this story will skyrocket in 2020.

3. Augmented and Virtual Reality

These two skills have previously observed a huge flow in modern times. Most businesses and designers are selecting AR and VR for snowballing their grasp and enticing more customers in the procedure.

WordPress has completely sanctioned VR content with 360-degree pictures and cinematics. The wide-ranging admiration that it has observed is predictable to endure well into 2020. For photograph and cinematic centered websites, these two selections would actually help in enhancing the website.

4. Chatbot integration

The addition of chat-bots has already done with customer relationship management on WordPress to manage consumer maintenance. This noteworthy feature helps you display the user clicks on diverse promotions even if they have moved to a lead capture or intermingled with the social media channel.

With the assistance that chat-bots carry to the counter, it is a user count to your online website. It works to realize humanoid interaction and behavior. Hence, if fed with appropriate statistics, it can truly help in enhancing user interaction and general experience on the website.

5. Voice Search Optimization

This is considered to be a critical fragment of the complete SEO process. With voice aides like Siri and Alexa by this time seeing an exponential point, it is a testimony to the drift that it will endure to be in the year 2020. Users also favor using speech hunt instead of truly keying.

Voice search optimization is a pronounced tool for industries to get additional client engagement. This would bring a great transformation in the way users act together with the website.

6. E-Commerce

This word has to turn out to be an unavoidable part of WordPress websites. E-commerce is one inclination that has come to be tremendously widely held and will typically carry on in the future as well. The Woo Commerce plug-in has assisted in the task implementation process immeasurably. With state-of-the-art templates and themes, users can cultivate and a safe and dominant e-commerce structure system smoothly.

Drifts in this field like subscription-based facilities, mobile, and tailored errands will be seeing a stable WordPress development services in 2020 as well.

7. Website Builders

In spite of having a wide assortment of plug-ins and themes for smoother web development, some designers would find it challenging to make one. The Website Builders tool is removing this tricky step. The interface lets users modify their webpage design promptly. This is predominantly great for those out there with not much knowledge in website construction and is an enormous plus point when associated with contestants. WordPress development services are surely going to reach newer heights in 2020.

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