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7 Reasons To Hire An Expert for PSD To WordPress Conversion

Many people are opting to migrate to WordPress in order to access the various advantages of the platform using services which specialize in transferring from other formats like PSD to WordPress. A person must possess the technical knowledge to convert PSD to WordPress theme as the process requires knowledge about not only the open source CMS and Photoshop but also about HTML and CSS. this makes it necessary to engage a professional for PSD to WordPress conversion and the major reasons for doing so are being listed here.

1. Possess Knowledge Of HTML Conversion & Photoshop

procedure of conversion requires the splitting of the PSD files which are then converted into HTML so that they can be integrated into the WordPress platform. An amateur with some amount of technical proficiency may begin the process with the help of tutorials and guides but in absence of comprehensive knowledge about HTML as well as front-end languages such as JavaScript, he/she is bound to encounter problems which may lead to loss of valuable data. In order to prevent this, it will be safer to hire a professional who has undertaken such jobs in the past.

2. Well- versed In WordPress

Professionals who have expertise in migrating interfaces from other platforms to WordPress are well versed in all aspects of the open source CMS and can provide valuable guidance in matters like choosing the most appropriate theme for a project. Moreover, the knowledge about the basics like template hierarchy, hooks, tags, and filter will come in handy to complete the project quickly. Being conversant with WordPress functions and its architecture in addition to knowing about the essentials of PHP coding makes them ideally suited for customizing a theme in an error- free manner.

3. Will Ensure Multi-Browser Compatibility

It is essential that the new interface is easily deployed and accessed on all major browsers besides providing completely satisfying user experience. In order to achieve this, the theme created from PSD files has to be tested and validated to ensure cross- browser compatibility. It makes the hiring of an expert who has the expertise to test the WordPress theme in diverse environments to find possible problems which will then have to be rectified. A professional will come in handy for spotting and correcting the errors as well as in optimizing the new WordPress theme for speed and performance.

4. Guarantee Of High-Quality Coding

A user is guaranteed of high-quality coding when a professional is hired for transferring a website from PSD to WordPress. Instead of relying on online tools like plugins, a developer will use manual methods for conversion and ensure that the code remains clean and well- structured. Tools are definitely a convenience but may lead to bugs in some projects and therefore having an expert handling the project will ensure that the new design has pixel perfect finishing so that the new interface has effective visual appeal.

5. Assurance Of An Error- free Website

Employing online solutions which reduce the dependability on coding is a good way to transfer an interface from one platform to the other but as mentioned in the above point, may lead to bugs and other errors. With the procedure being conducted by a knowledgeable person, not only the issues will be kept to a minimum but even if they emerge, a solution will be applied immediately. A user may obtain a website without enlisting a developer for the project but if problems arise in the future, then it will be detrimental for the business. Engaging a good programmer will assure that a totally error- free website is acquired in quick time.

6. Acquire A Fully Responsive Interface

A key requirement of any modern enterprise is to possess a mobile-friendly interface which will be useful in attracting a large number of smart device users. A completely responsive interface is necessary for businesses as people are using mobile devices for searching as well as conducting all types of transactions. Majority of the WordPress themes are responsive in nature but technical knowledge is required to introduce the feature while converting an interface from PSD to WordPress. A programmer with experience of successful migration procedures behind him/ her will prove to be immensely valuable in acquiring a mobile- friendly website.

7. Useful In Saving Valuable Resources

Many people hope to save money by trying to undertake the procedure themselves with the help of plugins or by using tutorials and guides for assistance. The practice may turn out to be counterproductive if problems arise in the middle of the migration or if the website develops bugs in the future which will necessitate the hiring of professionals to solve the issue. It will be wise to engage a reputable coder for carrying out the transfer as he/ she will complete the process quickly saving valuable time and money.


The highly technical nature of PSD to WordPress website conversion requires the handling of the project in a skillful and competent manner and therefore, it will be sensible to hire an expert to perform the task. Anyone who needs an expert opinion on such migrations can call and request a quote.

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