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7 Reasons To Hire WordPress Developers For Theme Development

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WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for web development and building a website is extremely easy with numerous pre-built themes available for the purpose. Most of the time WordPress experts use these templates to create interfaces but sometimes the requirements of a project may necessitate custom WordPress theme development. A lot of people are discouraged by the costs involved in such projects and while they hire WordPress developers for creating a website, they rarely approach one for building a new template. Let’s take a look at some compelling reasons which demonstrate why hiring WordPress programmers for custom theme development can be a very sensible and profitable idea.

1. Existing Themes Do Not Fulfill Project Requirements

The basic reason for which clients may approach a WordPress coder for building a completely new theme is no existing theme is fulfilling the requirements of their project. WordPress has a large number of multipurpose themes besides a huge collection of templates categorized according to industries and professions. Many times it has been seen that a theme that was thought to be perfect did not turn out to be the same when a website was created using it and the dissimilarity between the expected product and the finished version was so stark that the owner had to scrap it completely. A custom theme will save all these hassles and guarantee a website which reflects the vision of the client and helps in achieving the desired goals.

2. A Unique Design Is Needed

Pre-existing templates are good for small websites but they can possess limitations in the design aspect and a developer has to work within the limits of the selected template to create a unique look for the website. A client may require a completely unique design in order to give a distinctive look to the interface so that it is helpful in building a separate identity from its competitors. A custom theme sets the user free from such restrictions and he/she can create a totally new design that will make the interface stand amount among other websites of its category.

3. High-Quality Product With Lean Code Is Guaranteed

Existing themes contain some elements that cannot be removed but a custom-made template will be fashioned strictly according to the project requirements and will include only the necessary features. This will not only create a product designed for optimum performance but will also ensure that the code remains light and the website loads quickly. It is essential that an interface takes as less time as possible to load because it improves its rankings in relevant search results.

4. Template Can Be Easily Modified

Another good reason to hire WordPress developers for building a custom template is that it can be very easily modified whenever the user wants to do so. An existing theme with numerous pages and customization options can be confusing for many owners and finding the appropriate option to implement a change can in itself be a cumbersome task. A completely new theme with only essential features and functions does not need an expert for conducting alterations and even amateurs can make them easily.

5. Future Proofs The Business

An owner of a website created using an existing WordPress theme will need to change it in case the business grows rapidly and the selected template is not capable of handling the scaled-up operations. A custom theme created according to the specific requirements of a project will be built keeping in mind the future needs also, and therefore an owner will encounter no problems in scaling up the website when the time comes.

6. Customer Support Is Assured

WordPress users have access to a large variety of free as well as premium themes and most of them come with customer support but there is no guarantee whether a product will be continued to be supported by its developer in future or not. Engaging a professional or an agency for creating a new theme will ensure that you get complete customer support in the future. The user also will not have to wait too long for resolving an issue and access to dedicated maintenance service will ensure that all bugs and errors are fixed quickly.

etter Value For Money

It will always be more economical to choose an existing theme but creating a new template from scratch will give better value for money. The initial costs of hiring a developer for building a custom theme can be substantial depending on the requirements and the scale of the project but the high performance of the website will ensure that the investment generates substantial returns in the times to come. An interface created with a completely new template will be much more speedy and attractive in comparison to those websites built with already available templates. They will attract more traffic and the conversion rate of such interfaces will also be high helping the owner in growing his/her business.


A custom theme will always be a better option than existing templates for people looking for unique solutions. People looking to hire WordPress developers for all types of requirements can call +1.415.548.6170 and request a quote.

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