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7 Reasons: Why You Should Convert Your Enterprise Website to WordPress

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Every commercial organization invests in having a presence in the virtual world in order to popularize the venture and widen its customer base. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for web development and its convenient features attract not only new users but also owners of existing websites, who migrate from other platforms with the help of services like convert HTML to WordPress. A list of some of the most compelling reasons which motivate any person to convert enterprise website to WordPress is being presented here.

1. It Is A Free And Powerful Platform

One of the foremost reasons that attracts small business owners and other entrepreneurs towards the platform is its open source nature. No fee is required to download and install the setup and a user needs to pay only for the web hosting and domain name service. A functional interface can be created with the help of free themes and plugins and even if an owner wants to use paid products or seeks help for personalized solutions, the cost of development is much lower as compared to some other platforms. Being available for free does not mean that the product is low on quality and in fact it is one of the most powerful tools available for web development.

2. Helps In Creation Of Search Engine Friendly Interfaces

The primary objective of creating a virtual interface for any business is to help create another avenue for revenue generation as well as market the products and services. It is essential therefore to have a website that is easily discovered by all popular search engines including Google. WordPress is based on a simple and clean code which leads to creation of interfaces that are easily found and indexed by search engines. The platform provides numerous options in the form of plugins which help in optimizing the website content along with modifying the URLs, meta descriptions and page titles. There are numerous other analytical tools that help in assessing the performance of an interface and making timely changes essential for improving its visibility.

3. Assists In Easy And Flexible Customization

WordPress is a very easy to learn and use platform and even people with minimum technical knowledge can operate it. Moreover, the versatility and flexibility it provides for creating a new interface or conducting modifications to an old one, are unmatched by any other tool for web development. There are numerous themes categorized according to business verticals or occupation apart from a vast number of plugins for every possible functionality. An owner has to simply identify the requirements and objectives of the project and select the elements of the website accordingly. The immense variety of features also helps in creation of a unique interface that stands out from its competitors.

4. Provides A Scalable Platform For Development

One of the strongest reasons that drives people to convert enterprise website to WordPress, is that it provides them with a platform that not only offers them a wide range of features but is scalable at the same time. As the business grows and operations expand, the website has to develop accordingly, so as to assimilate the changes. For instance, new pages for displaying products or more space for storing details of new customers may be required and having a platform that does not facilitate such changes easily can prove detrimental for the company. WordPress users do not have to face any such problems as all the necessary modifications can be made easily without the investment of considerable time and money.

5. Gives Access To An Efficient Support System

Every user desires a platform that helps in quick creation of a virtual interface with varied features but it is essential to opt for a product that also has an efficient support system. The open source nature of WordPress resulted in the rise of a large developer community that not only provides new and improved themes and plugins but also gives solutions to technical problems that keep coming up from time to time. Timely updates are released for the core program as well as all the themes and plugins and there are numerous forums and user groups apart from the official website where useful information is provided on all aspects of the CMS.

6. Immense Possibilities For Ecommerce Integration

The platform is ideal for people looking to convert their online interface into a marketplace as WordPress facilitates easy and simple integration of e-commerce into any website. Most people will be aware about the WooCommerce plugin that helps in adding an online store to the virtual presence but there are various other options also available. These tools have pre-loaded options for basic elements of any store like product, categories, latest offers, payment options etc. and also help in increasing the size of the venture with growing business.

7. Facilitates Creation Of Mobile Friendly Websites

Large number of people are using handheld smart devices to access the internet which makes it mandatory to invest in a mobile friendly presence on the world wide web. The CMS helps in building fully responsive websites that can be deployed on any screen size without compromising on the quality of user experience. The majority of themes available are responsive in nature and therefore building mobile friendly websites which will attract traffic from smart devices is a simple task.


These are some of the most common but important reasons that lead a lot of people to convert enterprise website to WordPress but it is vital that before conducting such an exercise, the owner identifies the objectives for doing so and the manner in which the change will affect the business.

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