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7 Sale-boosting Tips For WordPress Plugin And Theme Developers

A large number of people want to turn HTML into WordPress websites or migrate from other formats to enjoy the numerous advantages of the CMS. The open-source web development platform has also become a good career avenue for many professionals. In this article, we are discussing some useful sale boosting tips for WordPress developers. Not all professionals are involved in creating websites and many of them build themes as well as plugins. WordPress users are constantly looking for new templates or functionality-extenders for their interfaces. This helps the theme and plugin developers in earning money by selling their creations. It is not an easy job though as there are a large number of stores offering such products. Let’s take a look at some suggestions which can be used to increase sales of WordPress themes and plugins.

1. Provide A Free Trial

One of the best ways to guarantee more sales is to offer a free trial of your product. There are a couple of variations of this tactic which can be used. The first is to offer the trial for free in return for the user’s email ID. The second is to ask the customer for a payment method which will be activated once the trial period expires. A trial allows clients to experience the useful features of a product and can influence them in making a purchase. This scheme is one of the most effective ways of boosting the conversion rate.

2. Create A Post-install Welcome Screen

A big problem faced by developers is a high rate of product uninstallation. This usually happens because of poor user experience. Create a post-install welcome screen with a user guide which will help customers in setting up the product. Theme developers can add a link to the welcome screen of their template which directs users to a page with helpful information. This will help all kinds of users easily install your product and activate them. It will play a vital role in enhancing the user experience encouraging them to revisit your store.

3. Discard The Strategy Of Forced Registration

Many people are reluctant to share their email ID for registration in order to be able to use a product. This tactic is used by businesses to build their mailing lists but it can also harm their conversion rate. Users do not like to share information at a stage where they are not completely sure about a product or service. Many modern payment methods ask users to provide an email Id and you can employ them. This will help in killing two birds with one stone.

4. Ease The Checkout Process

One of the most useful sale-boosting tips for WordPress theme and plugin store owners is to simplify their checkout procedure. Many people are put off by a long process which leads them to abandon a sale. Developers try to access all kinds of information of a client which they can use for marketing purposes. This leads to the creation of lengthy forms which take a long time to fill. Create a one-page form for the purpose with only the most relevant fields. This will help visitors in completing the transaction quickly without much trouble.

5. Offer A Range Of Payment Methods

All theme and plugin store owners must offer a variety of payment methods to their customers. Shoppers not finding their preferred mode of payment will not complete a transaction. It should be your aim as an entrepreneur to make the shopping experience as convenient as possible. Try to identify the payment methods often used by your target audience. If you are targeting customers in a specific location, then you must provide the facility of making payments in the local currency.

6. Frame A Strategy To Retarget Cart Abandoners

All professionals must frame a strategy to retarget abandoned cart shoppers. Visitors who select a product but do not purchase still remain potential customers. Create an automated email program which gets initiated if a transaction is not completed within a specified time limit. Ideally, the first email should be sent after the first hour followed by another one sent after 24 hours. Include the most attractive features of the themes/ plugins along with offer details in the email.

7. Generate Feedback From Existing Customers

Getting feedback from existing users is important for learning about the mindset of the target audience and their expectations. Send questionnaires to your clients with queries about the performance of your products. Ask them about the features they would like to see in the plugins or themes. By existing users, we mean even those clients who have uninstalled your product. Contact such users to know the reasons behind their decision. It will allow you to know about any major problems in your creations. This will be helpful in improving existing products and creating new ones.


It is not enough to be technically savvy and developers must educate themselves about marketing strategies to increase the sales of their plugins and themes. The above-mentioned sale boosting tips for WordPress users will help them improve the conversion rate of their enterprise and earn more revenue.

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