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7 Tips to Get Your WordPress Website Indexed by Google

It is a matter of fact that everyone wants their WordPress theme customization needs to be indexed by Google in the least possible time so that they can be viewed by a larger section of people searching for their relevant terms. The indexing algorithm run on the crawlers of google are made keep in my a number of parameters. It is not at all easy to get through the algorithms formulated by Google. However, there are certain small tips and tricks that can turn out to very helpful for getting your website indexed. In this piece of article, you will be learning about some of the things that you can think of keeping right on your website to make it easy for the crawlers to do their job and not abandon your website.

1. You should make use a good quality hosting platform

The use of the hosting for your website plays a very important role for google to crawl. If the crawlers don’t find your website deserving then they will surely abandon the process. You should make sure that your website should not get disconnected from the server frequently and should load super fast. You should also optimize the website perfectly so that your website doesn’t encounter certain errors at the time of loading. With a good quality hosting, you will be able to run your website easily evading all sorts of shortcomings. When the crawlers do not come across all these issues, they are very likely rate your website with good scores. You must ask your WordPress development company to make use of the best available servers for your website.

2. You should make available for great content

The content present on the website should be unique and at the same time it should be engaging as well. This is for the reason that, google crawlers are at all times in search of good quality content across the world wide web to make sure that their users are at all times served with the best possible results. if you are able to maintain a very good content structure on your website, then you will be able to make it large on the score card of the crawlers.

3. You should have a decent linking structure

Linking is very important for SEO. And crawlers are at all times in search for decent back linking. If you have spent considerable amount of time establishing links, you would be able to get extra attention from the crawlers. With some basic strategies you can easily built a very good back lining network and let some popular websites point you. You should also include many hyperlinks on your website and let google know that you are offering priceless content.

4. You should make use of google analytics on your website

Integrating google analytics on your website is one of the very first things you should do on your WordPress website as soon the development phases gets completed. With analytics installed on your website, you will be having an option to manage the bounce rates, hyperlinks, and other things as well. By using the insights drawn from the analytics platform, you will be able to take charge accordingly and wow your customers as well as google crawlers with the best possible results.

5. You should go for content syndication

Content syndication plays an important role at the present time if you wish to make it large in the google indexing. You should post content on your social media handles and syndicate them at various other platforms from time to time in order to grow your reach as well as brand value. This will surely let others know about you and help google to index you in its lists.

6. You should have a detailed sitemap on your website

Sitemaps happen to be one of the very first things that google crawlers look for in a website when they arrive for indexing. You need to present the proper structure sitemap on your website and let the crawlers know about it. You can easily create a sitemap with the use of various plugins available in the WordPress repository. This will also be very helpful in getting better SEO scores.

7. You can go ahead with manual website submission

Once you are done with development of your website, you can go ahead with submitting your website voluntarily for crawling and indexing. You will also submit the sitemap of your website manually and this will prompt the crawlers to hit your website once the search terms are search by the users.

Hopefully, this article would have been informative and you must have got some knowledge about google indexing. You can get in touch with any WordPress development company who deals with WordPress theme customization to help you with indexing.

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