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7 Types Of Websites That Can Be Built With WordPress

The primary reason many people migrate HTML to WordPress or convert from other formats is to start a blog. However, there are numerous other ways that the open source CMS can be used. No matter which industry or profession you belong to, you can build websites with WordPress. The wide range of themes and plugins make it possible to get powerful interfaces with helpful features. The flexible and user-friendly nature of the CMS makes customizing websites an easy task. Moreover, the amazing SEO capabilities of the platform ensure that with some effort, you can easily improve the visibility of an interface. Let’s take a look at the different types of websites that can be created with WordPress.

1. Create A Blog

WordPress began as a blogging platform before growing into a comprehensive web development solution. It is still the first choice of millions of bloggers around the world. Many people convert their old websites to WordPress when they want to add a blog to the interface. It comes with an intuitive admin dashboard and editor which help in easily creating and uploading content. The dashboard has helpful features for editing the written material and scheduling its upload. It can also be used to enhance the visual appeal of a blog post. The vast range of SEO tools available on the platform help bloggers in optimizing the created content.

2. Start An Online Store

WordPress is one of the most popular solutions for creating online stores. It offers the WoCommerce plugin to people looking to add an online store to their interfaces. They do not require extensive coding knowledge to install and use the plugin. This tool comes with all the essential features needed to build an e-commerce website. Users can accept payments, manage inventory, handle shipping, compute taxes, and do numerous other tasks with the plugin. Another advantage of using WordPress for e-commerce is that it is a scalable platform. This means business owners can easily expand the scope of their operations when the need arises.

3. Make A Business Website

The platform will be an excellent choice for making a business website with WordPress. Small entrepreneurs looking to acquire an interface to promote their business can use the CMS for their purpose. They can get a website, literally for free by just paying for the domain name and hosting services. WordPress has an endless collection of themes categorized according to industries and professions. These pre-built templates have all the necessary features required by specific websites. Interfaces created with the CMS can be easily upgraded according to growing business requirements. Business owners enjoy the benefit of managing websites from anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the internet.

4. Start A Membership Website

Most people looking to build websites with WordPress want to earn money through their interfaces. Creating a membership website provides an opportunity to generate revenue from paid subscriptions. Users join such platforms to access helpful content or features. Membership websites need features for managing subscribers, payments, subscription plans etc. The open source nature of the CMS has helped in the creation of a large and robust developer community. These professionals have made numerous useful contributions to the platform in the form of plugins, themes, and other solutions. There are a large number of membership plugins that can be used to create such interfaces.

5. Build An Online Community Forum

The internet has become the meeting ground of the whole world. People looking to connect with other like-minded individuals use online forums or networks for the purpose. These platforms help businesses in boosting their engagement with customers. Individuals like bloggers and influencers can use such forums to increase their followers. WordPress provides numerous plugins that help in adding online forums to a website. These tools can be used by people to create their own social networks without needing to input any code.

6. Create A Business Directory

Business directory websites are another good avenue for generating revenue. These interfaces contain information about business establishments which are classified into various categories. Many online directories focus on a specific industry or a particular geographical location. Enterprises want to create a presence on such platforms in order to be easily discovered by potential customers. There are various plugins that can be used to build such interfaces. These tools possess all necessary features for creating personalized forms which will be needed for accessing subscriber information.

7. Showcase Your Work Through Portfolio Websites

Professionals like photographers and web developers can use WordPress to showcase their work and attract clients. They can use a portfolio theme to display their work samples in a beautiful manner. These templates come with the essential features needed for managing such interfaces. Most of them also offer an e-commerce option for monetizing the website. Gallery plugins can also be used for displaying images in galleries or albums.


Choosing to build websites with WordPress is a sensible decision as the platform enables the creation of highly attractive interfaces that fulfill a user’s requirements. The CMS also gives an opportunity to users for monetizing their interfaces and earn money.


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