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8 Benefits Of Converting PSD to WordPress Theme

WordPress is one of the most convenient web development platforms and its useful features encourage people to migrate from other formats like PSD. A lot of website owners are converting interfaces from PSD to WordPress theme to acquire a website that possesses immense visual appeal as well as a wide range of functionalities. The high performance of such interfaces will ultimately lead to a better conversion rate which is what most owners desire when they invest in virtual presence for their organization. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits that people enjoy when they convert PSD to WordPress.

1. Easy To Use For Amateurs

One of the biggest advantages that all users who migrate from PSD to WordPress enjoy, is the easy to use character of the platform which is especially helpful for amateurs. Not all website owners are technically proficient and have knowledge of coding needed to conduct modifications on interfaces created using other platforms. WordPress provides them with an intuitive admin dashboard for the purpose which does not need programming input to make most of the changes. This will make managing the website and carrying out essential tasks like updating content an effortless job.

2. Effortless Extension Of Functionalities

The open-source platform makes it very convenient for people to extend the functionality of their interface. WordPress offers plugins to its users which can be integrated with a website to add the desired functionality. The open source nature of the platform has encouraged developers to create numerous plugins covering a wide range of functionality and a website owner is bound to find one suiting his/her requirements in the WordPress library. Finding a plugin and then integrating it with an interface is again not a highly technical task and can be easily completed by a person familiar with the platform.

3. Helps Acquire A More Attractive Website

PSD interfaces have a pleasing appearance but migrating to WordPress helps an owner acquire an even more attractive website. The CMS uses pixel grids for positioning the elements of an image and optimize its sharpness which adds to the visual appeal of the interface. Once the owner has transferred to the platform he/she can choose from a range of themes classified into various categories. These themes come in free as well as premium versions and selecting one which has been created specifically for the industry to which the website is related will be advantageous.

4. WordPress Is A Scalable Platform

A major benefit which people hope to enjoy on converting PSD to WordPress theme is to get a convenient platform ideal for scaling up the operations of the website whenever the need arises. It is one of the most robust services available for web development and increasing the capacity of the interface does not require more than a few clicks. Compare it to some other frameworks which necessitate the formulation and integration of a proper code for enhancing the capability of the website.

5. Access To SEO-friendly Website

It is a well-known fact that WordPress is one of the most SEO-friendly services available and the websites created on it inherently possess features which help them in improved search engine rankings. When you create a web page in WordPress, you are provided with the facility for adding meta titles, tags, and descriptions which only need the insertion of relevant keywords in order to optimize the page for search results.

6. Economical Web Development Solution

Anyone can download the core program of WordPress without needing to pay even a single penny. Moreover, most of the themes and plugins offered by the platform are also available for free without compromising on their quality. It is incredibly easy and economical to create a new website on the platform and even when an interface is migrated from another format, it will benefit from this cost-effective nature by accessing free or cheap solutions for managing its operations.

7. Convenient E-commerce Integration

People want to exploit their websites for generating revenue and the open source CMS makes it convenient to integrate e-commerce capabilities in an interface. The WooCommerce plugin which lets users add an online store to their websites is one of the most popular tools used for the purpose. All essential features of a virtual store like product display, inventory management, shipping, and payment options are inbuilt and an owner can take help of additional tools offered by the platform for promoting the business.

8. Enables Cross-browser Compatibility

A common problem that affects most websites is during rendering on different browsers which results in a poor user experience and negatively affects its overall performance. Transferring to WordPress from PSD or any other format will help solve this issue as the website will render perfectly and perform in a consistent fashion irrespective of the browser being used to open it.


PSD to WordPress theme migration opens up new avenues for the website owner who acquires a high-performance website with a superior conversion rate and enhanced capabilities. Anyone wanting to enjoy these advantages by converting PSD to WordPress can call +1.415.548.6170 and request a quote.

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