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9 Essential Plugins For Effective WordPress Web Development in 2018

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Plugins are one of the most advantageous features of WordPress web development allowing users to extend the functionality of their interfaces in an effortless manner. While the choice of plugins depends on the requirements of a project, there are some functionalities or features which must be possessed by all websites in order to perform optimally. WordPress development regularly sees the introduction of new plugins and a list of some the most essential ones which must be used by a website owner is being presented here.

1. Yoast SEO

Most users engage WordPress development services in order to obtain a website which has excellent SEO capabilities. Yoast SEO is one of the most popular plugins available which helps users in performing tasks like generating XML Sitemaps, creating canonical URLs for avoiding duplicate content and editing of titles and meta descriptions. The product comes with advantageous features for optimizing the content according to relevant keywords and creating an effective internal linking structure.

2. Sucuri

Security is one of the most vital aspects of operating a website which cannot be ignored and Sucuri is a reputable product which can be useful in this regard. The service offers round the clock scanning for malware and hacking activities and also removes any malicious installation and repairs damages done by such attacks.  A very fast product which also detects downtime or any changes in the DNS settings, SSL certificates or the core files and alerts subscribers through email, SMS or other notified options.

3. BackupBuddy

Every website owner must invest in an effective mechanism for the creation and storage of the interface’s backup so that all the valuable data remains safe in case of any problems caused by an attack or system failure. BackupBuddy is an easy to install product that creates a backup of the entire WordPress website including those related to the themes, plugins, media library, in downloadable zip format. The owner can save this file in a location of his/ her choice and also schedule the service to create backups automatically.

4. W3 Total Cache

The loading speed of an interface is another vital aspect that needs constant attention as a fast loading website is loved by visitors as well as search engines. W3 Total Cache is a cache plugin used by reputed clients for enhancing their website’s performance and improving the search engine results page rankings and conversion rates. The service provides comprehensive caching solutions besides support for content delivery network management and accelerated mobile pages.

5. WPForms

A contact form has become an integral part of modern- day WordPress web development helping in augmenting the user base and improving the conversion rate of an enterprise. WPForms is one of the best plugins available which helps in the creation of a form without needing to input any code. The drag and drop facility provided in the plugin lets a user select all the desired elements on pre-existing templates besides incorporating payment options in the form.

6. Jetpack

Developed by Automattic, the company behind WordPress, Jetpack is a multi-purpose plugin that is immensely helpful in saving time and other valuable resources. It comes with numerous options for customization, marketing and safeguarding the interface. Designing the website with themes, analyzing and optimizing the website for improving its performance and securing it from attacks besides creating backups- all tasks can be done from a single place.

7. WooCommerce

Most people desire to turn their virtual interfaces into another avenue for their business by using the platform for selling their products or services. WooCommerce turns a WordPress website into a powerful online store in real quick time with preloaded options for product display, shipping, and payment. The product comes with numerous personalization options ensuring a unique look for the store and its scalable nature makes extending the functionalities or cope of operation an effortless task.

8. MonsterInsights

A website’s performance must be constantly evaluated in order to identify the areas which need improvement and MonsterInsights helps in the process by connecting the interface to Google Analytics. This helps a user in accessing valuable data related to traffic like the geographical location and demographics of the audience besides identifying the best performing content. Such analyses help in fine-tuning the strategy for optimizing the website for enhancing user experience which in turn helps in generating more revenue.

9. Social Warfare

The power of social media can be harnessed for improving the visitor traffic to an interface by using Social Warfare for integrating the most popular social networks with a website and displaying their bars or buttons. The plugin supports all major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. and has multiple options for placement of the buttons. It also has a facility for displaying social proof or the number of times a piece of content was shared on a particular network besides enabling users to shorten links, track analytics and events by evaluating the number of button-clicks.


User-friendliness is at the core of WordPress web development and each of the above-mentioned plugins can be integrated very easily with a website and will provide immense help in improving the overall performance of the interface. Anyone needing help with the selection or customization of plugins can call +1.415.548.6170 and request a quote.

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