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9 Questions That Must Be Asked To Hire WordPress Developer

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WordPress has over the past few years become the platform of choice for all types of users looking for an attractive and productive website. There are numerous services which advertise themselves as having the best WordPress experts on their payroll who can build a client’s dream website. It becomes essential for people to interview WordPress developers before selecting the most appropriate one. In this blog, we are presenting a list of questions that clients can ask before moving ahead to hire WordPress developer.

1. What Is The Experience Of The Professional?

In order to assess the suitability of a professional for a web development project, it is essential to ask the experience possessed by him in the field. Developers or agencies with about 4-5 years of experience behind them will be ideal for the job as they would have spent enough time getting acquainted with the features of the platform as well as knowing about the common problems encountered during building a website using WordPress. This query will also help in sorting out all junior professionals who may not be able to complete the project as efficiently as experts.

2. What Will Be His/Her Preferred Approach Towards The Project?

The professional must also be asked about his/her choice of approach towards the project at hand. The answers can be either of the following three options- whether an existing WordPress theme will suffice or a pre-built theme needs to be personalized or a completely new theme will have to be built. More than the choice form the three options, it will be the supporting arguments which will help in understanding the suitability of the developer for the project.

3. What Type Of Plugins Will be Required By The Project?

Most clients are concerned about the appearance of the interface when it is the functionality provided by the website that will affect important metrics like conversion rate. Ask the selected professionals about the functionalities that the new website must possess and the plugins that will be used for the purpose. It will give an idea about the person’s capability in designing custom plugin solutions which will come handy for introducing new features in the interface.

4. Does The Professional Have Knowledge About Responsive Web Design?

A mobile-friendly interface is not a luxury but a necessity in today’s time when a majority of traffic to all types of websites is being directed by smart devices. One of the most important questions that a client must ask a prospective developer is whether the professional have knowledge about responsive web design and will he/she be able to incorporate the requisite features in the website or not.

5. How Does The Developer Plan To Secure The Website?

Another vital inquiry that must be made by all people looking to hire WordPress developer is how does the professional plan to secure the website. It is essential to protect the interface from malware, bugs, hacking attacks, and an expert will straightaway present you with a basic plan outlining possible security breaches and the relevant measures to prevent them.

6. Will SEO Features Be Incorporated In The Interface?

Everybody knows that WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform but some best practices need to be implemented during and after development so that no problems occur in the future. A knowledgeable professional with significant experience in the field will let you know how he/she will ensure that the website has a clean link structure with no canonicalization issues.

7. What Type Of Maintenance And Support Services Does He/She Provide?

The job of a web developer does not end with creating the interface and launching it in the user environment but goes beyond it to ensure that the website does not encounter any problems. Ask the potential developer about what type of after-services are provided by him/her for maintaining the website and testing it for bugs and other errors. Always choose a professional or a firm who provides such services so that no problems are faced in resolving an issue after the website goes live.

8. How Easy Or Difficult Will It Be To Scale Up The Website?

A website is not just a provider of information but has turned into an avenue for doing business which makes it essential to have a scalable interface. WordPress supports scalability and is, in fact, one of the most flexible platforms but even then enquiring with the developer about how easy or difficult it will be to scale up the website will be pertinent.

9. What Will Be Estimated Cost Of Development?

WordPress is an open source platform but many themes and plugins are paid while the web hosting and domain registration services also require the payment of subscription fees. Besides, hiring a professional or a WordPress development firm will also cost money making it necessary to ask the developer to provide a quote for the whole project. Try not to make your final selection on the basis of the quoted price only but also take the expertise of the professional in consideration. Moreover, try to look for an agency that includes web hosting and domain services in its package as it will be helpful in saving money.


People looking to hire WordPress developer must conduct a thorough background check of the professional to verify his/her claims before making the final choice. Clients looking for expert developers can call +1.415.914.1710 and request a quote.

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