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Migrate Website to WordPress

When you would have started your venture some years ago, you must have had some specific needs that led you to choose a particular Content management system. But now, with your business growing and your needs having changed with the current market dynamics, you want something more. Perhaps, you want more functionality, better themes and widgets, or simply a more advanced website. So, the time is just right to go for an upgrade, and if you have built your site on Drupal, you probably want to migrate Drupal to WordPress.

There are many good content management systems each having its own benefits, but WordPress is far ahead of the competition. Thousands of companies, big and small, across industry are using this platform to run their websites. It’s no wonder website developers and marketers recommend it. it provides countless benefits to its users- its open source, comes with numerous themes and plugins, has a huge community of users and developers that work round the clock to make it even better and it can accommodate every website need and fit any business.

It’s Been Around for Years now

WordPress has been around for quite a long time now; it was launched in 2003 as a blogging platform. It has now evolved into a complete content management system and has become the default choice for everyone. With rapid growth in popularity, it’s destined to hold its leadership position in the near future, so it’s better to migrate well in time.

It’s Simple

One great advantage of using WordPress is that it’s very simple. Many Drupal and Joomla users find them too complex and are unable to use or maneuver certain features. On the other hand, WordPress, despite its many advanced features, is quite easy to handle. It’s based on WYSIWYG concept, so if you are adept at creating a word document, you can certainly create a web page or a blog post. And, with no coding required you would rarely need to hire a WordPress developer.

Huge Ecosystem

The WordPress ecosystem is huge, and you can do almost everything you want to do with your website. From having a distinctive theme to enhancing your functionality and SEO, everything is possible with WordPress. With its huge community of users and developers, advanced features around the CMS are being developed every day. With thousands of themes and plugins, there are limitless possibilities of customization.

An Active and Thriving Community

One major problem with many CMS is the inability to find viable solutions to your problems. Creating a community as big as that of WordPress is unthinkable for other platforms, and therefore, you can’t expect to get the kind of support you get here. The ever-active support groups are always ready to help you out with any issue that you might have.


It’s Free

While most other CMSs charge money, WordPress is absolutely free. The zero initial investment has lured many small and medium businesses to come into its fold as those with limited budget can’t afford to subscribe to expensive web designing platforms. Though there are additional premium plugins and themes, the free directory has more than enough options to cater to the needs of everyone. It’s a key reason why people migrate Drupal to WordPress.


Though WordPress started off as a bloggers’ platform, it has taken rapid strides over the years to evolve into a complete web building platform. More and more users are shifting towards it because of its versatility. Updating and upgrading are very easy, and you don’t need to have separate platforms for your website and for publishing your blogs.

Ecommerce Integration

Just a few years ago, you would have had to either use some basic template or some ecommerce hosted site to set up your ecommerce shop, and would have even needed an expert to figure out the complexities of running it. But with WordPress, you can easily integrate ecommerce system into your website. For instance, if you are using platforms like WooCommerce, you can fully integrate it into your site.


If you want your website to be compatible with different devices and screen sizes, you need to have a responsive design. With more than half the web searches happening on smartphones, it is imperative to have a mobile-friendly design to give a pleasant user experience. Most WordPress themes are mobile-friendly by default. Also, with a simple click of a button, you can get the latest version.

SEO Ready

Search Engine Optimization is a vital aspect of website building and WordPress, with its built-in features, stands out in this respect. Also, there are numerous plugins to enhance your SEO. Though specialized optimization of your site is necessary, the built-in SEO features help a lot in getting good rank in search engine results.

So, as we have already seen, there are several reasons to migrate Drupal to WordPress.

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