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9 Reasons To Migrate Website To WordPress

Migrate Website To WordPress

The increasing numbers of owners looking to migrate website to WordPress is a proof of the growing popularity of the open source platform for web development. The extensive features of the content management system (CMS)  apart from the flexibility make it an attractive choice for any developer and  encourage people to convert website to WordPress. A collection of some of the most compelling reasons that make the platform such a widely used and recognized name are presented here.

1. Low Cost Of Development

One of the major benefits that can be mentioned to any owner asking the question, why should I convert my site to WordPress, is the low cost of development involved in the creation of a new interface or even in the migration of a website. The CMS is available free of cost and the minimum initial cost that a user may incur towards the development of a functional interface is zero with the only requirement being to pay for web hosting and domain name services. Any modification needed to be made to the appearance or functionality of a website can also be done at low cost as various free as well as paid options are available.

2. User Friendly Character

The platform does not require a user to possess advanced technical skills and the package can be installed easily by anyone. Appropriate help is provided at every step and there are inbuilt guiding features for web hosting and domain name selection and registration services which can be very useful for amateurs. Not much time is needed in understanding the basics of the framework and and the intuitive dashboard designed to control every aspect of the interface is also very easy to comprehend and use.

3. Versatile Platform For Development

website to WordPress

The versatility that the platform provides for web development purposes is unmatched by any other similar product as one can find an appropriate solution for every requirement. There are numerous themes (paid as well as free), created for general users or for specific business verticals, which come handy for easily building a highly productive and appealing website. These themes are immensely helpful in speedy creation of an interface that conveys the marketing strategy of a business in a very effective manner.

4. Effortless Addition Of Functionalities

One of the biggest reasons that motivates an owner to migrate website to WordPress is the effortless manner in which any functionality can be added to the virtual interface at any point of time. As the requirements change or grow, the website needs to be modified accordingly for it to remain productive. The CMS has a unique feature called plugins that lets users add any desired functionality to the website. There is a plugin available for free or at a price, for every conceivable functionality that can be added to an interface due to the efforts of a large community of developers.

5. Scalable Nature Of the Platform

A very critical factor to consider when choosing a method for web development, is the capacity of the selected mode to facilitate the upgradation and expansion of the interface with growing requirements. It is important for smooth functioning of any enterprise- commercial or otherwise, to add any new functionalities or features necessitated by changing requirements, to its website without affecting its overall performance. The scalable nature of the platform makes WordPress, which makes any such change possible with least amount of resources and in less time, the ideal platform for any owner.

6. Simple Integration Of E-commerce

Integration Of E-commerce

Another reason that encourages people to opt for the open source product for building a virtual interface is the amazingly simple manner in which e-commerce features can be integrated into the website. In today’s digital age, everyone is looking to monetize their online presence and WordPress provides a really convenient option in the form of various plugins the most popular of which is WooCommerce that helps in simple and easy addition of an online store to the website. The flexible nature of the CMS again comes to the aid of any store owner as modifying the contents or scaling up the operations can be done without any trouble.

7. Best Platform For SEO

Search engines find it easy to read and index the content of a website created using WordPress because of the easy and simple code. In addition to this, the flexibility in optimizing every bit of content apart from editing of URLs, page titles and meta descriptions help in increasing the visibility of the virtual interface. A number of plugins have been created specifically for the purpose and using any one of them gives the website considerable advantage over interfaces created on other platforms.

8. Aids Creation Of Responsive Websites

People are increasingly using smart devices to access the internet and this makes it compulsory to invest in a responsive interface that provides satisfying user experience on any screen size. A large number of themes are mobile-friendly and can be used for creating multi-device compatible websites which is helpful for the growth of any business.

9. Active And Vibrant Support Community

The open source nature of the CMS led to the rise of a vast community of users that actively participates in the development of every aspect of the platform. A user is guaranteed to find a solution to a problem on various dedicated forums in the form of tutorials and guides apart from professional services that cater specifically to WordPress users.


The flexible and scalable nature of the platform has contributed greatly to the popularity of the platform and the ease with which a modern, state of the art and secure virtual interface can be created with the CMS has influenced owners to migrate website to WordPress.

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