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Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Framework For WordPress Theme Development

WordPress theme development

A framework can be described as the foundation of a WordPress theme which contains the core code having all the design elements and the basic features. These frameworks provide a WordPress theme developer with a starting platform which can be used for building their own themes with unique design and new features. These utilities have become an integral part of WordPress theme development as they are extremely useful in completing big web development projects. Professional and big theme vendors create their own frameworks for in-house usage while there are other paid as well as free products which can be employed by any developer. Let’s take a look at the advantages and drawbacks of using these conveniences for building a theme.

Benefits Of Using Frameworks

Following are some notable advantages of frameworks that attract professionals associated with WordPress development towards them :

1. Advantage Of Strong Code

A good product will possess a strong code written according to the best WordPress programming practices meaning that a developer can be assured of encountering the least problems while using it. It will also be compatible with all major and well- structured plugins, thus easing the job of a professional. A person must be careful though in choosing a well- known service which is used by a large number of developers as it will ensure that the product has an efficient coding structure.

2. Flexible And Extendable Platform

Frameworks are inherently flexible in nature as only then they will solve the purpose behind their creation. A lot of them offer APIs which can be helpful in extending the product’s functionality for creating various components, while many others come with screens which help in personalizing the layout and other design elements.

3. Provides Freedom From Repetition

These products provide a base on which an efficient professional can build a new website not once but multiple times. The problem encountered by developers when they do not use a framework is that they can be repetitive in design when creating interfaces by employing other options. Such a platform, on the other hand, gives complete freedom from this issue as a new child theme is created which can be personalized to give a completely different look to each new interface.

4. Accelerates The Development Process

Professionals who need to regularly develop projects can use these services for improving their efficiency. Once they understand the basics of a framework and how to modify interfaces using them, they can complete their work in less time and with much better results. Not only switching between themes becomes easier but also there is no chance of losing style elements or code modifications which can happen when pre- existing themes are used for creating interfaces.

5. Gives An Assurance Of Support

All major frameworks come with support for subscribers either from the developer or the user community. A person can get the requisite help whether in understanding the features of the platform or in writing a programme for modification, either by accessing the helpline or tapping the developer community. Joining a forum will be helpful as almost all sorts of information regarding features or common issues can be easily found there. It will be pertinent to check before choosing a product, not only whether it offers support service but also whether it requires payment of fees or is free of cost.

Drawbacks Of Using Frameworks

There are a few drawbacks of employing this method for WordPress theme development and some of them are listed here :

1. Overdependence On Framework Developer

A framework is generally used by professionals who regularly create new interfaces and they may encounter problems in undertaking certain modifications which require modification of the core code. This will necessitate approaching the framework developer to conduct the custom changes or requesting him/her to include a comparable feature in future upgrades. This overdependence on the developer can be a major hurdle when working on a project which requires in- depth personalization. Moreover, if the chosen product is not updated frequently then it may result in issues like bugs on the websites which may even require complete overhauling using a different service.

2. Cost Involved in Using Frameworks

The costs involved in using such products is a major deterrent for a number of professionals as most of the premium ones are not available at one- time fees payment. Instead, they require users to subscribe for their service which must be renewed annually and if it is not done, then chances of problems occurring in the website increase, as access to latest upgrades will be denied.

3. Presence Of Unnecessary Code

Some products come with a large number of functionalities meaning that code of the framework will be enormous taking up lots of space on a server. Besides, the website may not need all the functionalities present in the service and therefore, a user must carefully assess a framework before choosing one and if the project can be completed with the help of a pre- existing theme more efficiently, then the idea of using a framework must be dropped.

4. Difficult To Learn

As compared to pre- built themes, frameworks are much more complicated and difficult to understand. The time required for comprehending the features and intricacies of the platform will depend upon the technical knowledge and competence of the person in question.


Frameworks undoubtedly present a lot of advantages but a professional associated with WordPress theme development must make a thorough assessment of the project requirements and objectives in order to choose the most appropriate platform for the task. Anyone seeking guidance on the matter can call +1.415.548.6170 and request a quote.

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