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PSD to WordPress Conversion

WordPress is the most popular website development platform. Its superior features and numerous themes and plugins make it the most liked content management system. In fact, around 40 percent of all the websites run on WordPress. Be it individuals or business houses, more and more people are building their websites on or have switched to it. This article highlights the advantages of PSD to WordPress theme conversion for businesses.

Pixel Perfect Design

Though WordPress offers thousands of themes, both free and premium, these themes do not ensure pixel-perfect design. By adopting PSD to WordPress conversion method while transforming your website to WordPress you are ensured pixel-perfect layout for your web pages. This is because the conversion is done using slicing and chopping which ensures unblemished pages for your website.

Responsive Design and Cross-Browser Compatibility

Building a responsive website is quite easy on WordPress. With more and more people searching the internet on smart phones, it has become imperative to have a responsive website for your business. Also, Google has made website responsiveness as one of its ranking factors, so if your website is not responsive and does not adjust to different screen sizes it can adversely affect your ranking which ultimately mean that your business would suffer. Besides being mobile-friendly, it also has to be compatible with different browsers, and that is ensured with WordPress.

Easy to Use and Manage

As WordPress does not require any coding, it is quite simple to use and manage. You can easily edit and add content on your website and its overall management is very simple. You do not require any technical support for routine management of your site. Besides being easy to use, it’s quite economical as well. Cost of building and managing your website is quite less when compared to other platforms.

User Experience

User experience is crucial for the success of your website. Modern-day users are not satisfied with just good features, they give high importance to easy navigation. With many plugins available with WordPress, you can make your website’s functionality simple which would make navigation easy. By making PSD to WordPress theme conversion adding images and videos becomes easy.

SEO Friendly and Social Media Integration

WordPress has several features that allow for building SEO-friendly websites. It uses a markup code optimization facility to improve ranking on search results. As WordPress websites get higher ranks on search result pages, they have better compatibility with various social media platforms.

Scalability and Flexibility

When you migrate your website to WordPress via the PSD conversion method, your capability to scale up improves. As your business grows, you would need to add additional pages and improve its functionality. WordPressis a flexible platform, and with its thousands of plugins you can build a highly versatile website without changing the core code.

Theme Customization

Every business has its own needs and requirements that are specific to that business. A pre-designed theme may not suit your needs. Also, with millions of website owners across the globe using WordPress, there is every possibility that thousands of website owners would be using the same theme. This could confuse your customers. Therefore, it isvery important that you have fully customized theme which is possible through PSD conversion. There are several options available in the market, and they are not very costly either.

E-Commerce Integration

Many businesses are choosing online mode along with their physical stores. If you have an online presence or have a physical store or office and want to add online presence, you can upgrade your existing WordPress website to an e-commerce compatible website. There are many e-commerce plugins available for WordPress that you can use to integrate e-commerce features in your website. Features such as payment gateways, catalogs, shopping carts, order execution, etc. can be easily included. Of the many plugins, WooCommerce is the most preferred one.


As you must be aware of, WordPress was launched as a blogging platform primarily meant for regular bloggers. However, it gradually evolved into a comprehensive content management system and later became the world leader. With its experience and expertise in the blogging domain, WordPress comes with top class blogging features which allow you to post articles and blogs to achieve better ranking.

W3C compliance

Web standard compliance is necessary for your website to work efficiently on different devices and different browsers. WordPress with its SEO features and capability to integrate social media allows you to make your website W3C compliant. When you migrate website to WordPress through the PSD file conversion, it conforms to W3C compliance parameters.

Discussed above are some advantages of PSD to WordPress theme conversion of your website. There are some other inherent benefits of WordPress which make it the preferred choice of millions of people worldwide.

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