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What are the Best Ways to Speed Up a WordPress Website


Nowadays, Internet has become more important than ever. People have begun using it for almost everything, including chatting, sharing, finding information, businesses, etc. What irritates the customer is when the platform they are using for their respective need take too much time to load.

As per a report, 40% of viewers quit the Web if a web page takes more than 3 seconds to load. Thus, it has become extremely important for businesses that they work on the speed of the web pages of their websites.  If you are also operating an online business, you require the high speed of your Web page to gain top ranking on search engines. Web-page loading speed should be the first choice even when you are choosing WordPress theme customization or when you are choosing plugins. Irrespective of the things you are doing on your site; keep its speed in mind.

According to Aberdeen Group “A 1-second delay in page load is equivalent to 11% fewer page views, 16% decrease customer satisfaction, and 7% loss in conversions.”

Here are some tips and tricks to magnify the loading speed of your website, acquire good ranking on Google and need more traffic to your website.

Tips and tricks speeding up a your WordPress website

Transformation with Faster Web Host

For best speed, the way is to get service from a good Web hosting provider. If you are using a shared hosting, it creates the poor services and slow website. Look at this way; if you are using shared-hosting services, you are renting that specific space from a server which is used by many other websites.

Measure the Website Performance Regularly:

Measuring the website performance on a regular basis helps you if it is low at a particular time. Sometimes, after WordPress theme customization, many issues start to occur that can cause the performance of your website. It would be better if you keep a constant eye on its performance. For this, you must have the tool known as Performance Check Tool.

Image compression

It is a way to encode or convert an image in a way that reduces the space than original one without affecting the quality. Images always consume the high space that makes the website slow. Certainly, the pictures always have more impact than words. But you need to convert these images so they consume less space.

Strong Caching Plugin

When a user visits a web page, the elements of the page are stored on your hard drive in a cache so that if a user visits the same web page again, it takes less time to upload the page without sending another HTTP request to the server. To make a fast loading speed of static pages, website caching upgrades the websites performance. Regularly caching your website means that a web page is loaded fast. In the market, there are many free caching plugins for WordPress such as WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. You can easily install these plugins on your WordPress dashboard.

Impose Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP)!

AMP is denoting software which may be redistributed and modified. It revolts the procedure to browse websites on mobile devices. Since the number of users on mobile devices is growing more than ever, accelerating mobile pages to load is paramount. You will find many plugins on your WordPress websites that will help your website’s pages to load faster on mobile devices. One of the popular ones is AMP Plugin, which will generate an AMP-compatible version of website pages and blog posts.

Eliminate unwanted Plugin & Themes

Too many plugins slow down the speed of your website. It crashes your website’s pic, thus causing security issues, and technical problems. So delete unnecessary plugins. Make use of only selective plugins and disable the ones you don’t use, and after that monitor the server performance so that you can easily recognize the hardest plugin. Similarly, while you are choosing a new WordPress theme to customize, ensure to delete the default one.

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN helps to distribute your website file across a network of the server in all over the world. Enabling a CDN ensures that the content on your website is served to a large number of users efficiently. It will increase the speed of your website. CDN types are below:

– Cloudflare –

– KeyCDN


These tips are easy to implement. Some of them are a bit advanced that can be intimidation if you are not technically savvy. It also makes your website load fast, thus giving a higher ranking to your website on Google. If you have come up with a unique way that has helped you increase the speed of your website, feel free to share with us.

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