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Custom WordPress Themes VS. WordPress Theme Customization

If you are watching out for an approach to start developing your WordPress website, then there are mainly two ways to follow – Custom WordPress Themes Installation or WordPress Theme Customization. The WordPress themes are free themes pre-loaded in the store whereas the custom WordPress themes are third party themes and templates that can be customized as per your wishes and requirements of your business. There are many WordPress customization services providers who can help you with customizing anything and everything for you. Check out what’s different between the Custom WordPress Themes and WordPress Theme Customization. 

Custom WordPress Themes

A custom WordPress theme is a WordPress template designed for a particular need. Characteristically it is a commerce website that was made using Photoshop, Adobe XD, Sketch, InDesign, Figma or any other design tools of your choice. The design replicas were then sent to a developer. The developer will build a custom front-end hooked up to a WordPress connection that is fundamentally the working website version of the design.

Custom-built websites are shaped factually from ground zero. As full custom yields, they are capable to tick every single box on your list of must-have skins. There is no strategy to start with – you are fundamentally making the design from a blank piece, every so often in a design application like Adobe Photoshop. In most cases, people employ somebody to do it for him or her, as building a custom site from scrape necessitates some thoughtful understanding. It is at all times recommended to get in touch with a professional WordPress customization services provider to customize your website. 


  • Custom websites are exceptional.

No other website in the realm will appear like yours (unless somebody copies your design). Individuality is an indispensable trait for many big businesses, so this one is a huge advantage for many consumers.

  • Custom websites are highly flexible.

You can make them fit your commerce needs seamlessly, both in terms of design and in terms of functionality.

  • Custom websites are SEO-friendly.

You can enhance a theme-based website as well, but when you shape it from scrape, you are able to shape it lean and search engine friendly. SEO is far more than just keywords; it is about building a website so that the web crawlers can read every single web pages properly.


  • Custom-built sites are more costly.

Web developers and designer’s job is essentially quite costly, and rightly so. The expenditures you will have to incur with a custom website are higher than buying a reasonable WordPress theme that you typically just pay for once.

  • Custom sites take a longer time to be shaped.

It may take months’ time to settle the website and get the whole kit and caboodle right, which is only rational, bearing in mind the amount of work that construction from scratch necessitates.

WordPress Themes 

Apparently, not all big business and not all secluded bloggers necessitate a custom-built website. In numerous cases, a WordPress theme is a brilliant solution that does not even fall that short behindhand custom-built websites. In addition, when you modify your theme to fit your product and work for your needs, it can make a great performing and lead-generating website.


  • WordPress themes are additional budget-friendly.

There are free templates that you can make use but there are many premium templates that are really quite reasonably priced. In addition, a lot of add-ons and plugins are free, so that is a money-saver. 

  • Websites using templates have a very shorter development time.

If you are working with a petite frame, then making use of a free WordPress theme can save you weeks or months of time. All the code is by now there, you just have to twist the design, add your own content and your website is ready for launch.

  • Dealing with WordPress themes, do not necessitate any distinct knowledge or skills.

Anyone with a decent level of technical knowledge can run a WordPress website grounded on a theme or template. 


  • WordPress themes are less flexible.

Yes, you can modify them, but only to a definite extent. In addition, you cannot actually add custom technology or just any add-on of your wish for the reason that themes are constructed on specific frameworks and designed systems that only back certain technologies. WordPress theme developer cab be of great help in modifying your themes to fit your requirements. 

  • WordPress themes are not much SEO-friendly.

Most of the WordPress themes may come with some in-built SEO resolutions, but they requisite wide-ranging customization to be actually SEO-friendly in their construction.

I hope you are now aware of the differences between the two approaches. It is really the time to get started with. So get in touch with your WordPress theme developer to shape your imagination on your website. Make something exceptional so that your customers remain attached to your website at all times and enjoy your services.

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