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Exploring The Latest Web Design Trends Together With BeTheme

Website design has taken an impressive leap over the past decade. The flexibility that users are being offered in terms of widget modification, video animation, lightening webpage loading speeds, etc. are allowing more businesses to make exactly what they want. Those days of creating a theme in PSD and then undertaking PSD to WordPress theme conversion are now long gone.

BeTheme is one such popular multipurpose WordPress theme that has made over 20k sales on Themeforest and boasts a 5-star rating by over 90% of the buyers. Imagine what can you do with a theme that is loaded with 150+ pre-made layouts? All accessible and downloadable via a single click.

Here are some features of BeTheme that makes it a highly reputed and adopted theme in the WordPress website design industry:

Gradients and Duotones

This tool is used by designers to bring about greater depth in their creations. Present-day website designing trends prefer to include large, bolded, and colorful textual ingredients. This helps set the tone of your strategy and user-side viewing.

The diversity in gradient types ranges from radial gradients to linear gradients. Even better, are the offerings of Duotones in this theme. You get to filter out the white and black areas of your background with 2 colors of your choice. This makes it versatile in terms of usage and allows any business to merge their website design with its brand logo.

Bold Typography

A classic element that website designers work so hard to inculcate is now available at the click of a few buttons on BeTheme. You get the chance to induce the all-important bolded text with appealing fonts at the most strategically relevant part of your webpage.

The visual strength of this Bold Typography feature depicts a screen-dominating design that is sure to catch the user’s eye, irrespective of secondary content, and other website offerings.

Hero Video Headers

Those days of spending hours creating the perfect static website design can be now replaced with creating simple dynamic website designs. BeTheme developers understood that website designers need to easily make their projects appealing and catchy. They allow designers to convert home pages into interactive, engaging, and convincing movie-style formats.

Most importantly, this feature permits designers to create video clips that are merged using looped frames or a full-length brand/product/service explanation clip along with the ability to add audio.

To enable such additions, so many people have to either convert to HTML or PSD and then convert their website to WordPress again. This theme relieves designers of that hassle.

Digital Illustrations

This is the most crucial element for website designers. One gets the tools required to create illustrations that convert users to revenue-generating clients. You can even create product descriptions with mesmerizing feature-mentioning in the form of short-form videos or images. The number of tools available in BeTheme to customize illustrations assures that a business will face zero roadblocks in achieving their website design vision. And with the help of tutorials, even beginners can learn how to draw a horse easy and turn it into digital illustrations.

Flat hand-draw illustrations are used to denote the skill of spot-on craftsmanship. Slack and Dropbox are examples of businesses that use this illustration type. On the other hand, three-dimensional illustrations is an upcoming website design strategy. This allows users to get a more real-life feel of the services or products your website is offering.

Vibrant Colors

Struggling to grasp user attention and keep them within your sales funnel? The vibrant colors offered with BeTheme are chosen after trial and error to ensure that over 90% of users spend more than the average time on your website prior to using this theme.

The strength and gradient within the colors are sure to leave a visitor cherishing the appealing graphics of your website for longer than usual.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns and eye-catching fractal patterns are known to develop an intriguing and want-to-know-more feeling within a viewer. BeTheme has a range of geometric patterns at disposal to help companies build attractive backgrounds for their products.

Businesses that provide-technology related products and services can create a visual amalgamation of points and lines that one cannot imagine is possible with such ease.

The best part of such backgrounds is that they are highly scalable. This feature helps businesses to showcase their websites on several devices without much cross-device visual optimization.

Split Screen

This strategy is a common one in the industry and allows users to offer a comparable view of products and services. You can even put up your 2 most reputed and quality products side by side to increase viewership to your core services. Whether you want to split the page horizontally or vertically, whether you want this on larger or smaller screens, expect to do it with ease.


BeTheme eliminates the issue of creating a versatile and industry-specific theme in PSD and then performing PSD to WordPress theme conversion. The benefits and scope of design opportunities make this a no-brainer for all kinds of website designers.



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