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How to Convert Website Design Prototypes to WordPress?

PSD Design to WordPress

A website design prototype gives you an idea about the looks of the website when it will go live. There are various tools out in the market, using which you can create website prototypes like Sketch, Figma and Adobe XD. In this article, we will help you out to convert the design prototypes to WordPress. This article will be helpful for you converting the files irrespective of the tool you are using. We will also guide you to convert PSD to WordPress in this tutorial.

What Are The Components to Create a WordPress Theme?

  • The content of the website
  • The appearance of the website

However, in WordPress, you can change the theme without losing the content, which is a plus point of WordPress. Also, if you want to migrate website to WordPress, then this tutorial will prove a great help to you.

Why Should You Consider Making a Prototype?

Most of the developers might think that creating a prototype is just a waste of time. However, a well structured and functional prototype takes a lot of time to develop. A prototype helps you to know how your website might look when it goes live. You can check the feasibility of the website before investing several hours in developing the website.

Well, there are two ways to convert website design prototypes to WordPress.

Here are The Ways to Convert Prototypes to WordPress

  1. Create a WordPress Theme on your own: You can start working from scratch and create a WordPress Theme all by yourself. You will have to start working from HTML and then convert it into WordPress themes. However, if you are not good at it, then you can hire professionals who can do the work for you. There are services like hirewpgeeks who help you out in doing this piece of work.
  2. Use a Theme and Page Builder: The second method to do this is to use a robust base and a page builder. There are several services which provide powerful themes compatible with page builder. Also, it would be best if you considered choosing a page builder which will be compatible with your other WordPress projects too. So, consider choosing a theme that is compatible with page builders and a page builder that will work with the rest of the projects.

The first method might be time-taking and immense work for you. Also, you must know how to code in PHP to create the theme on your own. And, you will have to be a WordPress expert to make that method work to convert the designs efficiently. The second method can be easy for you. But, you will have to consider all the factors before choosing a theme and a page builder.

Also, the first method is quite useful if you are looking to convert PSD to WordPress.

Process of Converting Design Prototype to WordPress

This process of converting the design prototypes in Figma, Adobe XD and Sketch to WordPress website. Here are six steps that are simple for you to convert the design prototypes to the WordPress website.

  1. Pick a suitable and powerful WordPress theme: There are several themes in the market. However, there are several page builder compatible themes.
  2. Pick a Page Builder. Just like picking up a suitable theme, you will have to pick a powerful page builder that will be compatible with all of your WordPress projects.
  3. Set up a Global Theme Setting: Most of the page builder framework themes allow you to customize the settings. These settings are responsible for the global look of your WordPress theme.
  4. Set up Global Setting in Page Builder: Just like the global settings in themes, the page builders also offer you to customize the settings. You can alter the values for the row, columns, margin, etc.
  5. Build the Header and Footer of the site: The option for changing the header and footer of the site is inside the customizable setting of a theme. However, you might find that not all work can be done using these settings. So, here you will have to put your hands into the CSS of the theme. Therefore, this might not be a massive issue for you if you are good at HTML and CSS.
  6. Build the Homepage and the other pages: Now the time comes to add content to your page. This step generally takes the most amount of time to create the website.


These steps might be too immense for you. Or you might don’t have the time to learn HTML, CSS or how to use page builder. Then, there’s always an option for you to hire some professionals. At hirewpgeek, the team of professional developers help you in converting design prototypes and PSD to WordPress. However, if you are good at developing websites and working with WordPress, then these steps will surely help you out.

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