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How to Evaluate a WordPress Developer’s Skills and Experience

WordPress Developer

Many organisations and individuals now use WordPress as their primary CMS. According to statistics, WordPress is used by 65.1% of websites as a content management system. This accounts for about half of all web pages or 42.7%.

As a leading platform for website development, it is well regarded for its adaptability, user-friendliness, and extensive library of plugins and themes. However, locating a competent PSD to wordpress developer to handle your assignment can take time and effort.

Someone with the right chops and expertise can make your dreams a reality. In this article, we’ll discuss how to employ WordPress developers and evaluate a developer’s skills and expertise to discover the best candidate for your project.

Fundamental Programming Knowledge for Creating and Designing WordPress-Based Websites

To be a WordPress site designer, you need to have a solid foundation in the standard markup and programming languages used in the industry, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL. A WordPress developer’s job will always start with this foundational technical expertise.


“Hypertext Markup Language,” determines how a WordPress site is organised. Knowing this language indicates familiarity with the structure of web pages and is, therefore, essential for every web developer.

Knowing HTML is still important, even if you use a “what you see is what you get” editor or a content management system because it gives developers more agency and provides a more systematic approach to web page modelling.


Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, are another essential part of every website. In a nutshell, it specifies how a WordPress site should look. Web designers and front-end developers need to know it, but back-end developers can ignore it.


JavaScript manages the functionality of a website’s interactive features. The primary component of modern web apps, this language works with HTML and CSS to provide dynamic, interactive behaviour to websites. Given JavaScript’s meteoric rise in popularity in recent years, knowing how to leverage its many frameworks and tools for back-end development is an invaluable skill for any web developer.


“Structured Query Language,” is the language web applications use to interact with databases. As a backend developer, this is an essential idea to grasp.


PHP was created to facilitate the creation of websites. It is used in the development of WordPress, among other well-known systems. PHP is crucial to a web application because it facilitates communication between the user interface and the database.

WordPress platform

The best PSD to wordpress company that aim to provide their clients with sophisticated, individualised solutions should be well-versed in installing and configuring WordPress sites and creating their own with tools like WordPress themes and plugins.

Having Business Savvy

Due to WordPress’s popularity as a business tool, developers with business experience have an advantage when working with this CMS. The next time you hire a developer, ensure they have experience in eCommerce marketing and digital security.

Promotion and Advertising

WordPress developers likely will only be in charge of some marketing efforts. However, it’s still to their benefit to have a firm grasp of the company’s target demographic and how to best cater to their interests and desires. If developers have this information, they may provide solutions that benefit customers and building owners.

WordPress is widely utilised by e-commerce enterprises, and its themes, plugins, and other tools are often employed to boost conversion rates.

Optimisation for Search Engines

Connecting back to what was said about marketing, find PSD to wordpress developer familiar with SEO best practices. The effectiveness of a page’s indexing is affected by its constituent parts. To maximise a website’s visibility in search engine results, it is crucial to understand how web crawlers, indexing, meta tags, and sitemaps function.

With SEO, your company will stand out from other websites and businesses. Hire only those with proven expertise in search engine optimisation techniques like content optimisation and link building.

Modular Progress

Consumers are increasingly turning to mobile devices to surf the web. Your WordPress site should be compatible with as many devices as feasible, given the large range of available screen sizes and resolutions. The developer must be conversant with responsive design and employ it from the outset of the app’s creation.

Safety in Cyberspace

Cybercriminals and hackers frequently attack business websites. Every WordPress programmer needs to understand the risks associated with web applications and the solutions available to them. Being familiar with the OWASP’s top ten security concerns and the process of testing applications for vulnerabilities is highly beneficial.

A Positive Frame of Mind

There is more to being a PSD to wordpress developer than merely knowing the theory behind it. Having the correct mentality before on the field is equally important. Try to identify people with the following qualities throughout the hiring process for your company’s WordPress development initiative:

Methods of Thinking in Business

Building a company website that succeeds takes some serious commercial acumen. As a WordPress developer, how can you consider the factors contributing to a company’s success? Find a programmer who can best exhibit your firm’s strengths.

Learning eagerness

The web development profession does not stay the same over time. Therefore, you must adapt to new challenges as they arise. For a WordPress page to be beautiful and responsive, developers need to be aware of and able to implement recent web design trends.

In other words, try to find people to hire who are fearless in trying new things. For example, although only published a few years ago, HTML5 has witnessed tremendous adoption rates in recent years. A skilled web developer is eager to learn and swiftly adapt to new technologies.


Collaboration Successful web developers rely heavily on collaborative efforts from their teams. They must talk daily and collaborate closely to finish the project on schedule and under budget.

Maintaining Concentration

Planning is crucial for successful website development. Developers who can maintain concentration by establishing and working towards goals, breaking down large projects into manageable chunks, and keeping to strict deadlines are in high demand.

To plan effectively, it might be highly useful to be familiar with common project management tools, version control systems, and software development processes.

Since there are so many facets to master in WordPress development (from themes to plugins), it may be best to seek specialists rather than “jack of all trades” developers. The former group has a deeper familiarity with their processes than the latter.

Receptivity to Criticism

Constantly reviewing and testing code is a standard practice in the software industry. Look for a candidate who can accept criticism well. The best companies handle website design by constantly iterating based on customer input.

The Ability to Recognise One’s Limitations

It may sound counterintuitive, but you want to hire someone other than a PSD to wordpress developer who believes he can handle it all. When it comes down to it, even the most seasoned professionals in this industry will occasionally delegate work outside their wheelhouse.

One developer may handle the financial parts of the project, while another may concentrate on the design and layout.

Tips that aren’t often known for gauging a WordPress developer’s competence and experience

Some unusual criteria for measuring a WordPress developer’s worth as an employee are as follows:

  • Inquire about their steps:

    If you hire a professional WordPress developer, they will follow a well-defined methodology. They must be able to walk you through their entire process, from planning to development to testing to deployment.

  • Examine their source code:

    Inquire about the developer’s code samples, either from completed projects or through a code test. Keep an eye out for code that is well-organised and clear. The code’s clumsiness and complexity might see their lack of experience and attention to detail.

  • Make sure a wide range of projects are represented:

    A WordPress developer’s portfolio should feature work from various fields. You need to see evidence that they can adapt their services to meet the unique requirements of each client and company.

Use these guidelines to look beyond a WordPress developer’s technical talents while hiring.

Questions You Should Always Ask When Interviewing a Potential WordPress Developer

Here are some things to ask while interviewing potential PSD to wordpress developer:

  • Please give me a rundown of your background in WordPress development.
  • How do you normally go about making a WordPress site?
  • How familiar are you with altering WordPress templates and add-ons?
  • Do you have experience with WordPress’s taxonomies and custom post types?
  • When building a WordPress site, what precautions do you take to ensure its safety?
  • How can I improve the load time and performance of my WordPress site?
  • Can you give any instances of WordPress sites you’ve built and the difficulties you encountered while making them?
  • What is your background in providing upkeep and assistance for WordPress websites?
  • To what extent do you follow current WordPress development trends and announcements?
  • I was wondering about using page builders within the WordPress framework.
  • By asking them these specific questions, you may gauge a WordPress developer’s proficiency and ensure your needs are met.


Assessing a WordPress developer’s abilities and expertise is crucial before hiring them. In conclusion, you need to look at their previous work, read evaluations, and see how well-versed they are in WordPress. Remember that expertise in WordPress, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, familiarity with WordPress plugins, design skills, and SEO savvy are all must-haves when hiring a PSD to wordpress developer. You may rest easy knowing your project is in capable hands if you take the time to assess a developer’s knowledge and experience.