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How to Generate More Leads with Your WordPress Site

Generate More Leads with Your WordPress Site

Generating new leads is essential for the success of any website, be it a business, a blog, or anything else. Visitors to your website can be converted into subscribers and clients by generating leads. This in-depth post will teach you everything you need to know about thesite to wordpress conversion lead. To assist you in grasping the concept of lead generation, divide it up to make it easier to understand.

How to get more leads from your WordPress Site

It’s simpler than you might imagine using the site to wordpress conversion leads. Check out these suggestions for improvement.

1. Host a Contest or Giveaway

Promoting your business through a contest or giveaway is a great strategy. Participants in your game can submit an email address in return for a chance to win. In addition, encouraging participation via social media can increase the odds of winning your prize. And that allows for a lot of new possibilities.

This is also a great technique to generate more likely convert leads. As a result, you’ll have access to email addresses of potential customers who are seriously considering purchasing what you’re offering. It is the first step inconverting a website to wordpress.

2. Utilise the Exit Intent

The exit-intent plugin for WordPress is awe-inspiring, and more importantly, it helps you generate more leads. When a visitor leaves your site with the purpose of going, an exit intent popup can be triggered. It’s a terrific strategy for converting your site’s departing visitors into genuine leads.

Imagine you were about to leave a site when suddenly you received a voucher, discount, or other offer in exchange for providing your personal information. As a result, many prospects are blown away by this and eager to provide their contact details. By converting a website to wordpress can be made easier with it.

3. Try Locking the Content

You’ve probably encountered this tried-and-true method of generating more leads before using a “Content Lock.” It muddies the information behind a mask and hints at more to come.

If a visitor is cool enough to give you their email address, follow through and provide them with the stuff they requested.

4. Turn the Wheel

Fun hunting for new prospects! Potential customers always appreciate discounts. What better way to distribute them than through a Spin the Wheel promotion?

Using a coupon wheel to generate more leads from your website is a lot of fun. In addition, you can decide if visitors to your site are eligible to win each prize.

5. Implement a Floating Bar

Adding a floating bar to your site to wordpress conversion is another typical suggestion for increasing your number of leads.

With this highly visible sticky bar, you may collect email addresses from site visitors on your homepage or individual blog posts. And it will do so without obscuring the rest of your site’s header or footer, even as the user scrolls down the page.

6. Maximise the Impact of Your Social Media Following

Directing your social media followers is one way to increase the rate of your site to wordpress conversion.

Use ‘shoppable’ feeds to effortlessly direct leads to specific pages, products, or services on your site from social media channels like Instagram with the help of tools like Smash Balloon. In addition, leads can be directed to your Instagram feed directly from your website.

7. Limit Choices

To motivate people to take action, try employing yes/no forms. In this manner, businesses can tailor the sales process to their needs.

Then, based on their requirements, you’ll direct them to a relevant form or webpage. People are less likely to leave the state without clicking because there is no “submit” button.

8. Use Strong Words

Wording on your forms is crucial. Colourful language might entice people to fill out your form.

9. Avoid Distractions

Sure, you’ve filled out a form on a landing page before. Creating distraction-free landing pages is a common and incredibly effective strategy for increasing conversions.

They are straightforward to create and remove any unnecessary elements that can deter a potential customer from performing what you want them to do (in this case, fill out your form).

10. Explore Protected Content

Is increasing your monthly subscription revenue through online lead generation a goal of yours? Making money online is a breeze if you have the information your leads seek and the resources they need.

Content can be restricted to users who pay a membership fee with plugins like MemberPress and MemberMouse. It’s a terrific way to earn extra money without doing any work. Additionally, leads are interested in gated content. Therefore, when you provide it, you see a rapid increase in your subscriber base.

11. Create Page Breaks in Lengthy Forms

A multi-step form in WordPress is a great option if you need to use a longer document or have more than a few basic inquiries.

Using this ‘breadcrumb’ strategy to make a long-form appear shorter on numerous pages or steps increases the likelihood that potential consumers and leads will complete your form. On the other hand, Lead Forms allows you to optimise your lead generation form by displaying only 1-3 fields at a time.

Your Lead Form can immediately be placed anywhere on your site to wordpress conversion leads.

12. Use What People Say

One of the best ways to increase the number of leads generated from your WordPress site is to earn the trust of your visitors. And one effective method is to use the influence of social proof.

Following the lead of others is a popular method of decision-making. It’s smart to use the persuasiveness of stats to convince potential subscribers that your website is trustworthy.

Every time a new subscriber joins your email list or makes a purchase, TrustPulse can alert them with a social proof notification.

13. Raise relevant queries

Using conditional logic on your WordPress site is a great method to increase the quality of the leads you receive and the number of information you receive overall. Smart Conditional Logic lets you make your forms more intuitive by revealing or hiding fields based on user input.

You may wish to have a supplemental field appear in your form whenever the ‘Other’ option is chosen. Then you would display yet another area. Or, hide the phone number field unless the user requests a call. It makes forms look a lot cleaner and more organised.

In addition, additional information can be obtained as necessary without negatively impacting the user experience.

14. Try to talk to people.

Your intended readers would prefer a more casual and personable tone while interacting with you. Since you likely won’t be able to speak with every visitor to your website personally, a conversational form is a terrific alternative.

It’s a cutting-edge form that simulates an in-person discussion with a real person. And it works wonderfully for boosting conversion rates and attracting more potential customers. More potential customers will find you through the site to wordpress conversion.

15. Set timer countdowns

Countdown timers are powerful for generating leads from your site to wordpress conversion. Making people feel like they’re running out of time to grab something is a simple but effective psychological tactic.

16. Offer a lead magnet

When people look up “how to get more leads online,” one of the most common suggestions is to use a lead magnet. And with good cause! No one will give you their email address without a good reason.

It would be best if you came up with a reasonable exchange. And if it’s good, they won’t regret spending time on it. Discounts, vouchers, and downloadable materials like a mini-course, ebook, report, and so on are all viable options for lead magnets.

By reading the instructions, learn how simple constructing a lead magnet opt-in form is. Your primary task will be to create a valuable incentive for people to sign up for your email list. But if it’s truly remarkable, inquiries should increase dramatically.


Seeing your site traffic grow each time you do an analysis is thrilling. However, action is required if the figures are below expectations. When planning site to wordpress conversion, it’s important to evaluate your site’s copy, content, and user experience and make any necessary changes. To make your website even more helpful to your audience, consider the problems it solves or the new insights it provides. However, with any luck, these strategies for producing more leads will aid in expanding your company’s operations. If you implement even a few of these strategies, you should see an increase in your lead-generation efforts.