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How to Run a Better WordPress Agency Using ManageWP?

It is a matter of fact that anyone who runs a WordPress agency needs to have a centralized control panel through which he or she can monitor all the sites running. It is a very handy feature through which you can keep an eye on what is happening across all your clients’ websites. At the present time, there are a number of such tools that are well equipped with advanced technicalities that will not only provide you a tool to manage all the websites, but it will also give you insights that can be of great help for decision making. In this article, we would be talking about one such tool that has all kinds of advanced features to cater to a huge number of websites built with WordPress template customization. You can Even if you are a hire a WordPress developer to customize the dashboard for you and provide you only the information required so that you can manage things on the go. Before going into detail, let us get to know about certain things first. 

What is ManageWP?

ManageWP is one of the most advanced and one of its kind management tool that is widely held for its capabilities as well as automation of workflow. Being an agency, you would certainly deal with a number of clienteles and on top of that, you will want to get a sneak peek of all that is going on. With ManageWP you can just add the websites you want to access for the first time only. After that, you can directly login to the websites without any remembering any passwords and login details with a matter of some clicks. 

Offerings of ManageWP:

ManageWP is fashioned with a number of different automated and intuitive features. Here are some of them that would entice you to use this amazing software for your website management:

  • Hassle-free access to the websites

You would need to provide the login details for the very first time when you choose to add a website to your ManageWP dashboard. Once it is added, you do not need to enter your login details all the time when you wish to open the website. This feature is one of the handy features that will help you manage your entire website without any hassles. 

  • Add unlimited websites to the dashboard

ManageWP lets you add unlimited websites to the single dashboard and everything is free of cost. You do not have to pay for adding any more websites. You need to generate an account before you can start exploring the benefits of the tool.  

  • A collaboration of Team and clients

You will at times have a team of experts who would be ready to help you at times when you come across any issues. You do not need to reveal the passwords of the website for availing this feature of ManageWP.

  • Easy and backing up and restoration

MangeWP lets you one of the best and reliable interfaces that lets you easily backup your websites on a regular basis and restore the backups if anything goes wrong. You can also set the backup cycle as per your wish and maintain a very good uptime of your website.

  • Monitor your uptime and downtimes

For a successful business, you need to maintain a very good reputation by maintaining good uptime and very less downtime. With ManageWP you will be notified through notifications and emails when your website goes down and will also let you what is the major cause of such downtime. You can easily monitor the downtime and act upon it without any delay. 

  • Google Analytics dashboard

When you have a number of websites to monitor at a single go, it would be difficult for you to take care of all of them and know about what is happening in each of them. with ManageWP you can see the reports of the google analytics in a single dashboard and also a number of comparison graphs that will let you know about which website is having a good time and which is not. 

  • Maintenance mode scheduling

With ManageWP you do not need to install one more plugin on your WordPress website or hire a WordPress developer to set up a maintenance page on your website when you wish to go offline and make some inevitable changes or tackle any issue that happens to be recurrent. You will be able to schedule the maintenance mode in just a single click and let your customers have the knowledge you are dealing with some website issues. 

  • Manage plugins and themes of all websites from a single window

With ManageWP you will be able to look after all the installed themes and plugins across all the websites without facing any issue. You can have a look at all the outdated plugins and update them in just a click. This is one of the best features that let you deal with your Even if you are a WordPress customization effortlessly.

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