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How to Save Contact Form Data in the WordPress Database?

If you are using WordPress as a CMS for your website and want to save your site’s submission forms, you will have to use plugins. The best plugin for saving contact form database in your WordPress is the WPForms plugin. This plugin is super easy to manage and save your contact form data. Many organisations hire a WordPress developer for the purpose, but you can also do it on your own.

Let us see how to save contact form data in the WordPress database.

What is the WordPress database?

WordPress database refers to a system, where you can store and fetch all your data in an organised way. It helps the WordPress plugin developers to manage all the data in a programmable way. Almost all the WordPress form plugins have a user-friendly entry management system to help you access form entries in your WordPress dashboard.

Where is data saved in WordPress?

When you first install WordPress, it automatically creates a database and stores your data in a configuration file known as wp-config.php under the MySQL settings. WPForms plugin saves the database by building online forms. All the form data is automatically saved in two tables provided by the basic WordPress database and the names of the tables are wp_wpforms_entries and wp_wpforms_entry_meta. Usually, a WordPress web development company provides you with web applications that are easy to use such as phpMyAdmin. Here, you can manage your database after you install WordPress. This application allows you to store your database with the help of a visual interface.

How to access databases on WordPress?

If you are using phpMyAdmin and want to view your database, you have to select the WordPress database you want to view and then click on the table named wp_wpforms_entries, and you can see all your form entries that will be shown in the fields column. You can also create new tables here.

How to manage your contact form entries in WordPress?

The WPForms plugin helps you to easily access, store and fetch all the data from your WordPress site. In order to manage your contact forms, you first need to contact forms within WPForms. After creating the contact form on your website, you need to fill the sample information in the form and then submit it. After clicking on the submit button, it will send an email to your registered account and the site admin all the in contact form information. It will also store all the data that you have provided in the contact form in your WordPress database. You can view all the data stored on the WPForms-Entries in the dashboard of your website.

From this WPForms-Entries screen, you can see your entry after clicking on your forms name or the count under the name All Time. All the field labels are listed on the top as well as on the bottom of the table. It shows field labels such as name, email, message or comment, etc. From the same screen, you can also give stars to your entries, mark them as read, or delete it. Every entry item has a View option, which shows more details of the form like submission date, other field details, etc.

You can also add notes about the form entry, print it, export it, rate it and more from the WPForms entry details page. The WPForms plugin has a very user-friendly interface to heal the users easily manage all their entries and data in their WordPress database.

How to disable any data from being stored in the database of WordPress?

Usually, people store every contact form data on their website’s WordPress database. But in some cases, there may be some contact form data that you do not want to store in your WordPress database. With the help of the WPForms plugin provided by WordPress also allows you to disable form data from being stored in the database of your WordPress website. You just need to make the required to make the edits in the respective WordPress form that you need to disable from being stored. When you choose the edit option for the form, the WPForms builder will open on the screen.

Go to the Settings-General option on the WPForms builder page and then check for the option saying ‘Disable storing entry information in WordPress’. After selecting the disable option, click on save and you have completed the process of disabling data information storage.


Saving the contact form data on your WordPress website is very important as it helps in proper running and usage of your website. As WordPress has plugins for almost every feature that you need for your website, the WPForms plugin helps you with data fetching, storage, and management in the WordPress database. Though the plugin is very easy to use, so you can also save your data on your own with the help of this plugin. But in case you are facing any difficulty in doing it on your own, you can also hire a WordPress developer to do the task for you. Get the right plugins for your WordPress website and make it more useful and user-friendly.

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