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HTML to WordPress Conversion – How Much Does It Cost?

Html to WordPress

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a standard markup language that has been used in the creation of numerous websites for an exceptionally long time, often assisted by other technologies like CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). However, as the Internet itself has undergone many changes, so has the structure of the websites on it and the taste of the users. As a consequence of this, the most prevalent website creation platform now is undoubtedly WordPress.

A result of this paradigm shift in the quality and functionality of modern-day websites is calling for greater HTML to WordPress conversion situations. WordPress offers numerous benefits, tools, and features that aid in the process of web development. It is an open-source content management system that is used by WordPress Developers to create websites offering more advanced functionality without the need for proficiency in coding.

It is a fact that the websites created using HTML are no match for those made using WordPress, and hence the pre-existing sites are also being converted to WordPress sites. You can adopt 3 ways to go about this conversion, as has been listed below:

Create a WordPress Theme Manually (requires basic knowledge of coding)
Use a Premade WordPress Theme (easy and simple option)
Go for a Paid Conversion Service (you need to be willing to shell out money)

One extremely important factor that needs to be taken into consideration while contemplating this conversion is the cost. Converting a static HTML page into a dynamic WordPress site is not that big a deal, and can be done at very minimal costs. This will largely depend on the service you hire, and the budget you have in mind for the website development.

Most of these services are not very expensive. However, the cost for such a conversion cannot be generalized, as many aspects have to be taken into consideration in this estimation.

Features Required

The majority of times a business opts for a platform conversion for their website, it is due to their need to add more features onto it. You would want to make the website more visually appealing and enhance its overall functionality.

This could be done with simplicity by using various WordPress themes and plugins, which could either be free or would have to be bought. The choice you make depends on your business field, consumer requirements, and design expectations from your site, which will impact the overall cost of the process.

Choice of Conversion Service

While trying to convert an HTML website into a WordPress one, there are majorly 2 types of developers you come across, freelancers and agency workers. Either of the two options has its own merits and demerits which need to be weighed before arriving at a conclusive decision. Hiring a company to carry out the website conversion for you provides you guarantee of the work being done, but can be quite expensive. On the other hand, a freelancer, while offering value for money, can not always be reliable and must most often have a considerable level of experience in projects as such.

Maintenance Service

The HTML to WordPress conversion in itself is not enough and has to be supplemented with a regular support service. For a website to function smoothly, it needs to be updated at regular intervals, to fix bugs in the current version. This also takes care of the security factor and allows you to optimize your website.

Regardless, it is inevitable that the website will ultimately glitch and might even break down. To combat such situations that might arise, it is better to go for a service that would include incentives for the same, such as lifetime support. Whereas, hiring a different service provider will be an added expenditure.

However, if you have substantial knowledge of the WordPress CMS (Content Management System), you can give this conversion a shot yourself. This will save a lot of money you would otherwise have to spend hiring a conversion service, while simultaneously helping you practice and refine your web development skills.

The only expenditure now would be that of the additional functionalities you want to implement in your site. This would only depend on the type and extent of enhancements you require, and additionally, you can clearly see where you spend your money.


The conversion of an HTML page into a WordPress website will not be an easy task, but the benefits you get make it worth the effort. Careful consideration is required to make decisions during the conversion process, and you should have it clear in your mind what you expect and require from the site.

This allows for clear communication between you and the WordPress developer, which diminishes the possibilities of misunderstandings and allows for a smooth conversion process, providing you value for your money.

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