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Important Things to Know About PSD to WordPress Conversion Service

PSD to WordPress Theme

In this digital world, company websites play an important role in attracting potential buyers. Hence the integration of the right design and WordPress theme is necessary for developing an intuitive web page. Today most customers prefer to check the website first and then purchase a product or service. Conversion services enhance the visibility of a webpage and help them stand out in this highly competitive market. There are several advantages of having a reliable conversion service. Conversion experts ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction and help develop an engaging portfolio. It has become necessary for every brand to hire a professional psd to wordpress theme conversion service provider.

According to statistics today, more than 60% of the websites on the internet are based on WordPress. It is a direct competitor of CMS tools like Joomla and Drupal. WordPress has successfully established an excellent market reputation over the years, and its demand is steadily rising.

Businesses of all sizes are now opting for PSD to WordPress conversion to attract more organic traffic. However, PSD to WordPress conversion is a complex task, and this requires a comprehensive understanding of the steps involved in the process. For businesses, it is best to hire a web development company offering PSD to WordPress conversion services.

What Is PSD To WordPress Conversion?

Psd to wordpress theme conversion refers to converting a Photoshop design into an interactive WordPress template. These services are specifically useful for business websites to improve their market presence. Websites lack performance and professionalism without integrating proper attributes. PSD to WordPress conversion helps in grabbing the attention of potential buyers through an interactive webpage.

Benefits of PSD to WordPress Conversion

Websites based on WordPress provide a highly interactive and seamless user experience. Besides, these websites offer consistent performance across various OS, devices, and browsers. It makes it easier for customers to access all the products and services business. Professional WordPress developers assist businesses in the conversion of web pages using WordPress development services.

  • WordPress plug-ins help in enhancing the usability of e-commerce platforms. It also features a high range of innovative models and online marketing tools that improve SSL security features.
  • User-friendly websites attract more customers. It allows brands to establish a healthy relationship with their customers. Simple navigation features and layout allow customers to access all the functions easily.

Steps to Convert PSD File To WordPress Template

Analyzing the PSD File

The first step in PSD to WordPress conversion includes understanding the complexities of converting a webpage from PSD to WordPress. It involves the inclusion of header, title, footer, CSS codes, and images. The developer must have a clear idea of converting PSD files into HTML.

Slicing the PSD File

PSD files comprise different layers similar to image formats like JPEG and JPG. Developers slice PSD files for faster conversion. Each element of the design is cut into smaller layers and then linked to URLs for page navigation. In the end, the PSD files are saved in bitmap, JPG, or GIF format.

Writing HTML CSS or JavaScript Code

After saving the slices of PSD files, developers create an HTML website similar to the PSD template. It involves the creation of files for PHP, CSS, and HTML code with necessary extensions. This code is responsible for controlling all the visual elements, responsiveness, and cross-browser compatibility.

WordPress Integration

After the HTML conversion is complete, the developer needs to deploy HTML files with WordPress. Style.css and index.php are two essential components of a WordPress theme.  Successful execution of this step ensures seamless integration of WordPress templates.

Integration of WordPress Tags

In this stage, all the markup elements are broken down as per WordPress PHP structure. Developers now add additional functionalities in the form of WordPress tags. It helps in improving the overall user experience and appearance of the website.

Final Testing

Testing is the most vital stage of the entire conversion process. In this stage, the developer tests the final WordPress theme for glitches. W3C standards are used for validating CSS and HTML. Developers also check the performance, responsiveness, and browser compatibility of the final theme.

Convert website to wordpress is a multi-step process that requires strong technical skills. For businesses, it is best to hire a conversion professional for PSD to WordPress conversion services. Developing a dynamic website has become necessary for every business if they brand to sell their products and services across the globe.

Deployment of PSD to WordPress conversion services helps in setting up the company websites as per market standards. It not only helps in attracting more consumers but also creates new revenue earning opportunities for the company. WordPress conversion makes a website more appealing and user-friendly to the customers. PSD to WordPress conversion gives enterprises the much-needed boost to survive in this competitive market.

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