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Html to WordPress

Till about a decade ago most websites were built on HTML, and usually comprised only texts with few images here and there. They were static in nature and even minor changes required editing the codes. This is not the case anymore. With the evolution of content management systems, making changes on the website has become much easier. Of the many CMS available in the market, WordPress is the most preferred one, and many people are converting their website from HTML to WordPress theme.

Today, Worpress commands more than 60% share of the content management system market and powers around 35% of websites worldwide. There are several reasons for this huge popularity and this article tries to highlight some reasons why it is good to switch website to WordPress.

HTML Website

Before we delve into the reasons why it’s better to convert website to WordPress, let’s first learn about HTML. Prior to the emergence of content management systems, websites were mostly built on HTML. Along with CSS and Javascript, it’s still used to build websites. However, such websites are static and do not meet the modern-day requirements, for which dynamic websites are a must.

As it is with any other website building tool, HTML too has its own distinct advantages. It requires very little maintenance because no regular update is needed. As nothing really changes, you don’t have to create any backups. It can run on any standard server, and therefore, very little resource is needed to run a website.

But, along with benefits, there are bound to be some drawbacks. You have to be a technical person to build and run an HTML website. Any modification requires technical knowledge and seeking technical help costs money. You are always dependent on an external system administrator to efficiently run your website.


It is an open-source web building platform that offers numerous benefits to its users. It boasts of a robust architecture that is not vulnerable to security breaches. Regular upgrades are launched to stay ahead of the hackers. It is highly flexible and easily customizable, thanks to the availability of innumerable themes and plugins. Building a website on WordPress Is far easier than doing it on any other platform. The way it has evolved over the years, and by looking at its growth trajectory in recent years, one can safely assume that it’s going to hold its sway for many more years to come. The rapid advancement in technology has brought about a sea change in the digital landscape, and websites that offer maximum benefit to its owners and users can only stand a chance to compete in today’s highly demanding market.

Why it is better to convert HTML to WordPress Theme

Choosing a content management system to build a website depends on a number of factors, first and foremost of which is its suitability to your business requirements. Different platforms offer different benefits and you have to see which one would meet your current and future requirements the most. WordPress appears to be the most appropriate choice and therefore, it would be better to convert site to WordPress.

What WordPress Offers

There are numerous benefits of using WordPress over HTML, such as flexibility, enhanced user-experience, SEO compatibility, ease of publishing new content, no coding requirements, etc. Some core benefits are discussed below.


WordPress websites are dynamic in nature, requires very little coding, and updating the site and publishing new content is very simple. Originally meant for blogging, it has in-built features embedded into it that simplifies blogging. Modifying your website to meet the ever-changing market needs does not require much technical knowledge.

Flexibility and Customization

It is very easy to create and use with no coding requirement. Numerous themes and plugins make it highly customizable and flexible. With additional widgets and templates, you can shape your website according to your needs and make the site more appealing and also enhance its functionality to improve user experience.


The built-in SEO features allows easy optimization of websites. Search engine optimization is crucial for websites to get a good rank in search results and WordPress fulfills many ranking parameters making Website optimization much simpler.

Worldwide Community

It has a large community of users and developers around the globe who are all the time engaged in further development of the platform and come up with regular updates. The community offers 24/7 support whenever you run into any technical problem.


WordPress does not require much of an investment to build and run a website. Several built-in features and availability of thousands of free plugins help you augment its capabilities and enhance user experience without any additional expenses.

So, we can see there are many advantages of WordPress over HTML that make it worthwhile to convert website from HTML to WordPress theme. The flexibility and versatility of WordPress is simply unmatched.

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