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Jaw-Dropping WordPress Trends to Check out in 2017

WordPress Trends 2017

The previous year has been great for WordPress. We have seen 26 successful official releases and also experienced thriving WordPress trends such as one-page design, hamburger menu and a lot more in 2016. The CMS platform is getting better and better with every passing year and we are still expecting something more to come from WordPress in 2017.

Last year, the co-founder of WordPress Matt Mullenweg, released his State of the Word to highlight the achievements that have made in 2016 and also set out the glimpse of what will be new in WordPress for their end users in the upcoming year.

Matt has already stated that the WordPress community will focus on the user experience, introduce improvements to the core of WordPress interface, bring modifications to the WordPress development process, and the best part is that the platform will become more secure and encrypted this year. Well, there are many other exciting WordPress trends to watch out for 2017. Let’s have a glance on such trends:

1. Domination of Mobile-first WordPress themes

Mobile Internet usage has first time completely overtaken the desktop usage. According to the statistics, mobile devices now retains 51.26 % of market share while desktop versions have diminished to 48.74 % – this is a drastic revolution across the web industry. More and more people are browsing the internet via their smartphones, iPhones and tablets these days.

In fact, the Google is recommending mobile-first websites when it comes to determining its SEO ranking. And that is the reason why WordPress is taking the lead by creating more mobile-first themes for their users, site owners, and web masters.

We expect that WordPress developers will focus more on developing mobile-friendly themes in 2017.

2. Focus on Security Certificates (SSL) and Encryptions

This year you will see more secure WordPress websites across the globe. WordPress strictly pushed their users to use HTTPS if they want to run a safe and secure site. In fact, Google made it clear that the websites using HTTPS will get better ranking on SERPs.

This means the HTTPS and Encryptions become compulsory for all websites including WordPress in 2017.

3. The rise of Multipurpose WordPress Themes

The previous year has seen some great examples of multipurpose WordPress themes that have taken the entire web design to the next level. And this particular trend is definitely to watch out for 2017, as well.

A Multipurpose WordPress theme allows you to build any type of websites on the fly. All you need to do is to integrate a reliable multipurpose theme into your site to enjoy its highly-flexible functionalities and customization options, without any heavy lifting.

The best part about such themes that you will get a ton of options to make your theme personalized as per your business requirement.

4. Video Headers

We have seen some of the great examples of video headers on different websites in 2016. But when it comes to WordPress themes, then we can say that you are going to experience something new this year. The implementation of video header themes on to the WordPress sites is expected to shine in 2017.

There is a good chance that more and more WordPress site owners will embed video headers on their web page to enhance the overall look and feel of their site, and give rich user experience to their real-time visitors.

5. SaaS plugins will be the future of WordPress

WordPress developers are expected to develop SaaS plugins in 2017 to make them more secure and threaten free. However, the trend of developing WordPress plugins as SaaS (Software as a Service) plugins is quite popular over the past few years, but it is expected to get better and more powerful this year.

Even, the existing WordPress plugins that were standalone have driven towards using SaaS as most of them pose some serious security threats that need to be addressed and fixed.

This means the SaaS-enabled WordPress plugin development is going to outshine the market in 2017.


All the WordPress trends stated above in this blog post are expected to propel in 2017. Since the CMS platform is getting more advanced, accessible and flexible, it is obvious that we will experience new trends, updates and other improvements this year.

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