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Key Features and Updates to look for in WordPress 4.6 Version


WordPress rolled out its latest version, WordPress 4.6 with a whole slew of new features and updates to let users concentrate on the design, functionality and other aspects of WordPress development with ease. The latest version has been named as “Pepper”, in honor of jazz baritone saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams. You can download it now from WordPress.org and streamline advanced features into your existing website.

So, without further ado, here are the key features and updates that arrive with WordPress 4.6 to help you give rich and soothing experience while developing and customizing your site.

1. Streamlined Updates

WordPress 4.6 version allows you to remain on the same page/screen while updating, installing or deleting your themes and plugins. This makes it super-easy for you to run updates on your themes and plugins within a matter of few minutes.

The best part is that you can perform these actions through AJAX with the sole aim to give you a smooth user experience.

2. Native Fonts

This feature will enable the WordPress dashboard to use the system font that you already have (within your operating system). Although it is a minor feature, it can improve the performance of the site and give you a native feel regardless the fact that what device or operating system you are using.

3. Editor Improvements

The latest version of WordPress comes with two useful improvements to the editor. They are:

  • Inline Link Checker

WordPress will now automatically check the syntax of your links to ensure whether they are correct or not. This process is crucial because broken links can give a bad experience, which in turn affect the SEO ranking of your site.

  • Content Recovery

Upgrade your WordPress to its latest version to enjoy the Content Recovery feature. The feature will save your content to the browser in a quicker and easier way.

While these features will give you a rich and soothing user experience, there are various under-the-hood improvements that will make the life of WordPress developers easy. Key Updates for developers are:

1. Resource Hints

It will enable browsers to determine which resources to fetch and preprocess. The new version embeds them automatically for your styles and scripts to improve the overall performance of your site.

2. Robust Requests

The HTTP will take the advantage of the Requests library, enhance the HTTP standard support and incorporate case-insensitive headers. It will also support for Internationalized Domain Names.

3. WP_Term_Query and WP_Post_Type

The WP_Term_Query class incorporates flexibility to query information. On the other side, a new WP_Post_Type object makes interacting with post types predictable.

4. Meta Registration API

The feature has been expanded in order to support types, descriptions, and REST API visibility.

5. Translation on Demand

Now WordPress will install and use new-new language packs for themes and plugins whenever they are available from WordPress.org’s community of translators.

6. JavaScript Library Updates

This update includes Masonry 3.3.2, MediaElement.js 2.33.0, Backbone.js 1.3.3, imagesLoaded 3.2.0, and TinyMCE 4.4.1.

7. Customizer APIs for setting validation and notifications feature

WordPress settings now have an API for imposing validation constraints. Now the customizer controls will support notifications that can be used to display validation errors instead of any failure.

8. Faster Multisite

Cached and extensive site queries have the potential to boost your network admin experience. The inclusion of WP_Site_Query and WP_Network_Query can help you create technically-sophisticated queries quickly and easily.


These are some of striking features of WordPress 4.6. If you want to enjoy all these features, then upgrade your WordPress site to its latest version.

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