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Leave your old CMS behind with brand new WP theme.

Want to use a standard platform that will provide favourable search engine marketing results? You may consider transforming your current website to WordPress CMS. These days, WordPress has grown popular among content management systems, preferably for businesses. We, Hirewpgeeks with our proficient WP development team offer migration support service for websites from any platform to WP CMS. Our professionals make strategic plans for the changeover of websites to WP CMS ensuring that they do not lose its quality or any feature in the process.

Our expert team has gathered years of experience in working on a wide variety of CMS platforms, with different programming languages and frameworks. Although our team is familiar with so many technological solutions, our choice is WordPress CMS. Our professionals flawlessly transfer all the data in the WordPress installations from the existing site without losing the structure. We use an agile workflow ensuring that the migration is done masterly.

Our CMS to WordPress services include:

Existing Website Backup: With us you can totally rest assured that you never lose your essential data while migrating.

WordPress Setup: Our WordPress installers offer a simple, secure and hassle-free WordPress setup.

Theme Customization: We ensure that professional themes are customized for your WordPress CMS. Besides, our developers design these themes in relation to your existing website.

Customized Plugins: Our developers use languages such as PHP, CSS, XHTML, Query, MySQL to create customized plugins, which allows users to personalize a system that corresponds to the existing design.

Content Migration: Large migration projects often place load on the content servers and the storage systems. We understand that and therefore plan the migration in a way that your critical business processes are not compromised. Our professionals leverage their experience with major content repositories such as FileNet and DB2 Manager ensuring accuracy of the migrated content.

Our expert team is capable of handling basic and advanced WordPress migration. While a basic migration is done for simple websites having little or no custom functionality, advanced migration is meant for complex websites requiring custom import processes.

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