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Why You Should Migrate Old Website to WordPress- Online Tips

migrate websites to wordpress

A website is the face of our brand in today’s digital world. To ensure that we are updated with the recent trends in technology, we need to migrate our existing websites, whether it is based out of static HTML or any other old and outdated Content Management System (CMS) to WordPress. WordPress, launched in 2003 has been around for quite some time now and has created a big name for itself in the website development and content management domain. Web sites are being used nowadays to not only promote but also run a particular business. Even blogs are becoming more professional and intend to create stiff competition. WordPress provides us with a perfect platform to create a website as per our requirements to ensure maximum benefit, whether it is in terms of promoting a business venture or a blog. Let’s have a look at some of the major reasons why we should migrate websites to WordPress.

  1. Ownership

    WordPress is a self-hosted platform and we have complete ownership of our website unlike other old and outdated CMS available out there. This means that we get to decide whether to continue using a particular host based on cost, performance and our requirement.

  2. Flexibility

    One of the major reasons why WordPress is considered quite impressive by a lot of website developers is its flexibility. It allows users and developers to customize almost everything according to their needs.

  3. WordPress Themes

    WordPress themes directory contains more than 3000 themes, all at the disposal of its users. Some of the premium ones are paid and others are available free of cost. These themes can also be modified by the use of plugins. Developers can make changes to the existing code to make necessary customizations to the theme. Most importantly, almost all WordPress themes are mobile friendly which plays a major role in improving the rank of the website upon a relevant search over leading search engines, like Google.

  4. WordPress Plugins

    One of the major reason why we should definitely migrate website to WordPress is the availability of all sorts of plugins. These plugins help in extending the features of WordPress, making it even more powerful. As of now, there are more than 49000 WordPress plugins available at our disposal which can basically be used to add almost any functionality to our website. Some of these are available free of cost while other premium plugins are paid ones.

  5. Content Creation

    Creating posts and pages through WordPress is made quite simple by the visual editor it offers. It also allows us to add HTML code to modify the existing content, perks of being an open source platform. We also have a distraction-free mode and an option to assign multiple roles to developers.

  6. WordPress Community

    WordPress boasts of an active and thriving community of users and developers. The support page on its website has a forum for almost anything we can think of, from setting up WordPress to integration issues to accessibility issues. These forums comprise the problem which people have faced in the past and ways to resolve the same. They might come in handy in getting us out of a difficult situation during the design and development process of a WordPress website.

  7. Cost

    An obvious and quite important factor to consider while deciding to migrate websites to WordPress is the cost that will be incurred during the entire process. It all boils down to the choice of our hosting plans, plugins, themes and other integrations we want on our website. The business requirements play a major role in determining the overall cost to migrate the website to WordPress. We can make intelligent use of free plugins and customize freely available themes so as to have a major reduction in cost.

  8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    WordPress offers excellent Search Engine Optimization capabilities right from the installation, which comes in pretty handy in scoring a decent page rank. Mobile friendliness offered by almost all popular WordPress themes is another important factor. We also have an exhaustive list of the best SEO plugins at our disposal. Plugins like SEO Yoast can be a major help in improving the overall ranking of our website on the result page of any search engine.

    Other important features like portability (migrating to a different host) and a scope to scale up the website in the future as and when required also come out as factors that inspire the use of WordPress.

    It’s high time that we migrate our old websites which are either based out of static HTML or use some other CMS (Content Management System) to WordPress. It is recommended to properly understand the requirements of our website, in terms of what role it plays in our business venture. This would enable us to decide on the themes and plugins for WordPress that we can utilize when we migrate the website to WordPress. All businesses require us to stay up to date with latest advancements in technology and WordPress makes sure of it, with frequent updates and bug fixes.

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