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PSD To WP Or Figma To WP: Which Conversion Is Better?

PSD to WordPress

These days, many small-scale companies are driving their businesses online to reach remote audiences despite geographical locations. It has become pretty imperative for brick-and-mortar businesses to develop a website to sell their services and products. Hence, having an impressive website to attract an audience is essential. WordPress is one of the world’s robust content management systems, which is open-source. Therefore, the conversion of PSD to WordPress has become an indispensable task.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the widely used platforms presently for developing a website. It is a content management system (CMS) that can help website developers develop websites for business, blogging, portfolios, forum, event, e-learning, e-commerce, etc. Several WordPress themes and plugins are available that bring a new and contemporary design to the website. Unlike other website creation platforms, you can develop and edit your website from the browser, without requiring WordPress to download and install on the desktop.

What Are PSD And Figma?

Technically, PSD stands for Photoshop Document, but it is usually referred to as Photoshop Design File, an Adobe’s file type. Adobe Photoshop is one of the extensively used software for designing websites. PSD files support Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, and Corel’s Paint shop Pro.

Another platform used for website creation is Figma. It is a web-based tool used for editing vector graphics images and prototyping. This platform enables individuals to develop applications, smaller user interface components, and websites. Like WordPress, Figma also runs from the browser, without downloading or installing it on the desktop.

What is PSD To WordPress?

Presently, the PSD to WP conversion is being practiced extensively. This conversion is empowering website developers to design professional-looking and staggering websites. In PSD to WP conversion, PSD files are turned into a functional WordPress theme. This conversion has made web designers possible to build a responsive website without requiring any latest graphics or programming skills.

Business owners can get the desired website design through PSD to WP conversion. It is suitable for all websites from eCommerce to blog. There are several benefits of shifting from PSD to WordPress. Websites created on WordPress are more appealing and incorporate more functionalities. They run hassle-free despite the browser.

What is Figma To WordPress?

In Figma to WP conversion, the Figma design is transformed into a custom WordPress theme. Additionally, you can change settings for developing the desired website. With the Figma to WordPress conversion, you can get a bug-free and responsive website for your business. This conversion bet fits if you require a superior-quality website for your business. Figma is an open-source platform, which ranks #1 as a web design tool.

PSD To WP Or Figma To WP: Which Conversion Is Better?

While converting PSD to WP, the software used offers a lot of flexibility to website developers. PSD to WP conversion enables you to use any number of webpages for placing PSD files on it. If you have an entire website design ready, you can use PSD to WP conversion. Firstly, you have to discuss the design with the designer, ask them to create and share the design in the form of PSD files. Once you have PSD files, you can find the best PSD to WP service provider to make a responsive website.

PSD and Figma are the best software, offering a broad set of tools, like plugins, icons, borders, custom elements, etc. Figma is an open-source platform, whereas Photoshop is not. PSD or Figma to WordPress results in a responsive and unique website for your business. Both these conversions are incredibly profitable and advantageous. Therefore, it entirely depends on you which service to choose. You can select the service – PSD to WP or Figma to WP, that best relates to your business.

HireWPGeeks offers the pixel-perfect PSD to WP conversion service. They have a team of professionals and experienced experts that convert any media-heavy and intricate designs into functional WordPress themes. At HireWPGeeks, all WordPress themes are designed in such a way that each theme reflects uniquely in the market. They try to maintain the quality and resolution of PSD designs while converting PSD to WP theme. Every website they create by migrating PSD files to WordPress theme has a feature of cross-browser compatibility.


Building a fully-functional and responsive website is possible using both PSD to WP and Figma to WP conversions. WordPress is perfect for PSD designs and Figma designs. WordPress has evolved as one of the universally used content management systems. For creating a responsive website using WP, you will need to hire a wordpress developers.

HireWPGeeks has a team of WordPress developers, where you can hire a developer on full-time, part-time, and hourly basis. WordPress developers at HireWPGeeks keep themselves updated with WordPress latest developments. You can hire WordPress developer from HireWPGeeks and receive a responsive and appealing website for your business.


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