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12 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a WordPress Developer

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WordPress has recently become everyone’s favorite platform to develop their websites. Approximately, almost 26% of websites on the internet are using the WordPress platform because of the exciting and advanced features it provides, the cool themes, plugins and the frequent updates make it a reliable source for all users. But it is not very easy to deal with if you are new in the technical world, without much knowledge. While you have to concentrate on other issues of your business, it is advisable not to take charge of building and to maintain your WordPress website alone. Instead, hire a WordPress developer. Trust us when we say this, an efficient WordPress web designer will make half your worries go away and at an affordable price. All you need to do is to find the right person to meet your requirements. 

When you are out for a search of a developer, set up a criterion beforehand and try to stick to it, this will help you narrow down your options, and you can find your requirements easily. 

Here is a set of 12 questions you should be asking your developer before hiring him.

1. Ask him about the years he has been working with WordPress. You have to understand people require time to get perfect in their work. So it is better to go with the years of experience he has actually been working. It will give you an idea of his efficiency and knowledge. Also, more years of experience means a higher pay rate. Therefore, analyze your work requirements and hire a WordPress developer accordingly. 

2. Talk about his rates or expectations of payments. Different developers charge different amounts. While it is mostly similar for the necessary level of website development, it may vary and increase when you want to add complicated features, themes or forums. After you have drawn your budget, meet a few developers and ask them their rates for the work you need to get done. Compare them and settle for the one who is affordable to you. 

3. Get into an agreement about what are the things you need to provide for the smooth and swift development of your website. It is your responsibility to do the needful and deliver all essentialities for the comfortable working of the developer. Sign a contract to avoid any confusion later. 

4. Discuss the ways they intend to build your website. A WordPress web designer will know all the ways to build up a perfect website at a low budget, meeting all the requirements. Since it is your business, you should know how it will be done, how much time it will require, and what are the pros and cons of it. 

5. Your website will have to be responsive to be accessible to mobile traffic as well. If you do not have a responsive site, you will be missing out a lot of business from potential customers. Your website should be compatible with every device. 

6. Make sure your developer assures you that your website will load fast in any device. This will not only enable you to work more quickly but will also provide an excellent all-round experience for your users which in turn will affect your SEO results in the right way. 

7. Know the SEO features that will add to the website. Nominal coding is required to enhance your SEO results despite WordPress being friendly to it. A good developer will first talk about the features and everything else to affect your SEO engine and then decide on the website themes and other stuff. 

8. Ensure your website has a child theme so that whenever you want to have minor changes done in it, you can do it all by yourself without touching any code from the parent theme. 

9. Talk about the security policy of your website. Since it will hold a lot of information, a database that is private or your website needs full coverage from hackers. Take all necessary measures to avoid such situations.

10. Your developer has to provide you options of backing up your data at regular intervals with ManageWp or BackupBuddy. Any mishap in the future can be controlled if backups of all your information and the website are there stored, safe and secured. 

11. While hiring a developer, ask him to show prior samples of clients he has worked for. Also, ask for the reviews and appreciation letters he may have. Check his ratings and feedbacks online or talk to his previous workplaces to know exactly if he is efficient enough to meet your requirements. Never hire someone without doing your research on him. 

12. Post-launch support is extremely important. Discuss with the WordPress developer openly about the type of comfort and service he is willing to give after your site is launched. It will help you settle for the right developer.

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