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Use WordPress Migrations to Get New Revenue from Old Clients

Migrate Website to WordPress

There is no place in the world for a business that remains stagnant. If you are running a business, whatever it may be, it has to keep moving forward with the changing pace of the world and its economy. Digital media agencies work on the same low and they need to keep updating and upgrading themselves with time. If not, the only inevitable consequence is the loss of clients to competitors who cope with the changes. One of the biggest tips to retain and earn new revenues from the existing client list is migration from website to WordPress. But how will that help?

Benefits of migration from website to WordPress


There are a lot of reasons to migrate website to WordPress but the main reason has to be the security of the client’s data. Digital businesses have a lot of sensitive information and they need to be protected well. That is efficiently done by WordPress as it provides an adult amount of security from a data breach.

Higher SEO ranking

Whether someone has a website or tilting towards WordPress, it is important to know the concept of SEO rankings. These rankings are improved by converting a website to WordPress. In this way, the client’s business is ranked higher on the page of search results.

Greater reach

It is not a surprise that businesses who are ranked higher on the search results page get moon visibility from the audience. That results in a greater reach and bringing in more traffic to the client. This makes it a good idea to adopt WordPress website development for your clients and sell them on it.

Better response

Every benefit usually brings about the next one and this is definitely the case with the migration of a website to WordPress. Greater reach is responsible for bringing about a better response from the people. The clients will get a better response from the people.

These are the benefits if you choose to migrate website to WordPress. The first thing a digital agency needs to know to bank on these clients is how to make the migration from website to WordPress. This is the process of how to put it in practice.

Contact your old list of clients

The list of clients that a digital agency has formed the greatest part of the process. The first step is to collect the list of those clients and get ready to make a pitch to them for WordPress website development.

Make the pitch

The next step is always to make the right pitch to the clients. The pitch should extensively include the reason why it is in the benefit of the client to spend some money. It is for mutual benefit for your business as well as the client’s.

The aforementioned reasons should definitely be pointed out. It makes the content more approachable to the audience who are looking for it. It also improves SEO ranking which helps in visibility of the audience. These are the pointers that need to be included.

Craft an attractive payment plan

Money might be a good reason because of which clients are wary to migrate website to WordPress. They will be more willing to get their website upgraded to WordPress if the payment plan works in the favour. Try to give them attractive offers and extra services to lure them.

Finalize the migration

The main idea behind pitching this migration is to close the deal and earn more revenue from the existing list of clients. This includes making sugar and other clients know what they are getting into without keeping anything hidden from them. A list of additional services should also be maintained in order to go adequately check what the developers are expected to do. This can be done electronically via email or written form can be used to clarify the details. In any case, proof of specifications asked by the clients should be present.

Get the changes done

The final step is always to make the necessary changes. WordPress website development should be done as the last step where all of the needs of the clients are met. Nangi I should be made sure that the highest quality of service is given to the existing clients because they have brought in bank accounts in the past and are doing so in the present as well. Providing good service safeguards future revenues as well. In case of any confusion, the client should always be consulted for an affirmative answer.

These are the reasons and waste behind migrating from website to WordPress. It is a technological smart decision made on both ends. Since online presence has driven the markets and businesses to new heights, it cannot be ignored. Both the parties can consciously make the services and get the work done to excel in their respective businesses.

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