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Top Reasons: Why Businesses Prefer PSD to WordPress Conversion

PSD to WordPress

For any business that wants to go online, it is a must to have an up and running website. A website is an effective and convenient way to reach out to a wide customer base. The best and easy way to set-up the website these days is WordPress. WordPress offers various excellent and promising features and thus is used by most of the top companies. It comes with various free and paid themes for websites. But many companies prefer to create their own themes through photoshop nowadays. 

Photoshop Design or PSD is converted into interactive WordPress themes to get the desired theme. This process requires technical knowledge and thus companies usually hire a WordPress programmer to do the task for them. After converting the design, it turns into a dynamic WordPress theme.

Reasons to choose PSD to WordPress conversion

WordPress is a convenient way to create a website that you want. Photoshop designs help in describing the layout for the website and help in creating an excellent website design as your requirements. These designs are later converted into WordPress themes with the help of various programming languages. The quality of the conversion decides the quality of the website and thus, usually, expert developers are hired for the task. 

Let us look at the reasons why to consider PSD to WordPress conversion.

1. Unique and professional design: Using the customized design instead of the pre-built WordPress theme gives you a unique theme and helps your website to stand out. PSD to WordPress conversion provides you with the opportunity to have the desired functionality and look for your website. While the pre-designed WordPress theme may not be exactly what you had in your mind and might also be in use by someone else already. Customization is always the best way to get what you want.

2. Pixel perfection: Perfect pixels give the website a sharp and crisp look, and thus are very important. PSD to WordPress conversion is done through the handcrafted chopping technique, giving the website a perfect feature for an appealing and consistent look across various browsers. Even though the PSD files are sliced during the conversion to WordPress, the intelligently coded design gives the desired result. The pre-designed WordPress themes fail to give this feature.

3. Enhanced usability: The easy navigation feature of WordPress gives users access to various functionalities. It also offers various plugins to the users in order to give them the option to add additional functionalities. The plugins can be downloaded from the website only. While some plugins are free, some others can be accessed by paying some fee for WordPress Premium. 

4. Compatibility across various browsers and platforms: Most of the pre-designed WordPress themes are not compatible with the other browsers or platforms, rendering them useless. But the PSD to WordPress conversion allows you to use the website on any browser and platform. You can customize the designs and test them across browsers and operating systems to make them usable on all of them without any problem. 

5. In-built blogging: WordPress has evolved from being a blogging platform to a complete Content Management System to a platform that allows building feature-rich websites. It has some in-built blogging features, that are just amazing. It is the best blogging platform present in the market these days. By converting the PSD templates to WordPress themes, you can build yourself an attractive blogging website through the CMS. A good blogging platform attracts more customers and helps in increasing revenues. The WordPress blogging dashboard is easy to understand and complete feature, allowing you to manage blogs with flexibility.

6. Responsive design: The current digital scenario has made it compulsory to have responsive designs on the website. The responsive websites are ranked higher on the search engines and thus increase the reachability to the customers. A responsive website adjusts itself for use on smaller devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. PSD to responsive WordPress conversion allows making your website responsive easily. Thus, helping your website to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

7. Cost-effective: The WordPress CMS makes it easy to edit, update and manage the content on your own. It saves you the cost of hiring a WordPress developer for any changes required. WordPress being a free and open-source platform attracts many businesses to use it as a CMS for their website. In order to develop the website as per the business requirements, mostly people download or purchase a theme before uploading and activating it for use. All this needs time and investment. But if you convert PSD to WordPress, you get a customized website and theme as per the requirements of your business. Thus, you are saving both time and money, and developing your website with ease. 

8. SEO friendly website: It is a common practice to click on the first link when we search for something on the internet, and every business wants to achieve that first rank or as high as one can be in the search list. This higher rank or the first rank on the search engines can be achieved with the help of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. WordPress is one of the best options to get to make your website SEO friendly. WordPress has various in-built tools and plugins to help you optimize your website and get it ranked higher on the search engines.


Converting PSD to WordPress gives you the flexibility to decide the layout and functionality that you need for your business website, and it is also the most convenient and easy way to do so. The web designers can create the required designs and then the developers can develop into the WordPress theme. It is the best way to get a pixel-perfect and responsive website as per your needs.

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