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WordPress 4.9.6: New Updates for Privacy and Maintenance

WordPress 4.9.6

WordPress 4.9.6 has come up with new updates on privacy and maintenance. You must update your WordPress based website to take the lead on the new privacy settings and maintenance features.

As WordPress has the feature of auto-update; but 4.9.6 needs the manual update because the team of WordPress Development disabled the auto update feature after finding that few plugins were not loaded correctly, the new features of privacy and maintenance while loading displayed fatal 500 errors to the users of any WordPress Based Website.

WordPress 4.9.6 Privacy Policy Release by European Union (EU)

On 25th May, the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR) will come into effect. The GDPR new regulations states, that the companies and website owners must be transparent, and about how they collect data, use it, and share the information. It also enables individuals to get more access and options when the question is about the flow of their data.

This is a European Regulation, and therefore its requirements apply to all websites and online businesses around the world, that collect data about the residents of Europe. The WordPress Development Team is committed to supporting the WordPress Developers around the globe to comply with this significant law.

The privacy release on 4.9.6 are limited to only those websites which collect, use and share EU resident’s data, all around the globe; and this manual update is required for this to take effect. More information about this can be accessed on European Commission’s Data Protection Page. The WordPress based developers must take an important note on these privacy and maintenance release. EU has already directed them, to especially adhere to the new laws and regulations as previously existing privacy rules and regulations have been altered.

Privacy and Maintenance Release on WordPress 4.9.6

The new privacy release includes a number of privacy-related structures which are as follows:

  • User Data Request Handling
  • Other features related to GDPR Compliance
  • Privacy Policy page template/creation
  • Cookie Opt-in for Comments
  • User Data Export and Removal tools

 The all-new features on privacy regulations of 4.9.6 is the result of a new member of volunteers, who are already working on many core areas to improve the WordPress’s future versions. With these new privacy enhancements, 50+ bugs have been fixed. The WordPress Development team has updated the guide which also provides those links which deliver technical information. The styling adjustments column has been provided with an extra guide for Theme authors.

One of the biggest factor associated with this compliance is that you have to list all the ways you collect data of EU residents, in your privacy policy, and eventually this, in turn, applies globally to all the websites around the world, which has anything to do with the European Union; and make their businesses in Europe. WordPress can now detect those plugins and theme settings after the WordPress 4.9.6 new update release and delete them, which is aiding in collecting and holding any personal data. Therefore, it is essential to put this information about collecting data in your privacy policy.

One of the big stipulations of this GDPR compliance is that your website visitors and users will be able to see what info about them has been collected, and they will be able to delete, edit, and remove that tracking information.

You may expect a number of updates over this, and to the previous existing privacy settings of WordPress Policy. As the latest release by the European Commission is demanding this. Already this has created waves all over the world, and WordPress based Developers are finding ways to tackle this update, and are finding ways of solving this complexity of GDPR tools and new integrations which are being added to WordPress.

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