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5 Reasons : Why Owners Should Convert Website From HTML To WordPress

In earlier days, when Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress were not available, it was common to find static interfaces created in HTML but now with such a convenient option accessible for web development, most owners decide to convert HTML to WordPress, so that they can enjoy its useful features. A list of the most compelling reasons for migrating from HTML to WordPress is being presented for the benefit of people in possession of static websites who are looking to transfer them into dynamic interfaces.

1. Easy To Use Platform

One of the foremost reasons that encourages people to transfer from HTML to WordPress is the ease of use that the platform offers. Downloading and installing the core files of the platform is an effortless task while conducting any modifications to the interface can be easily done using the dashboard. This dashboard is intuitive in nature and requires very little time for getting used to and even people with minimal technical or coding knowledge can learn its features quickly. There are countless templates available on the CMS called themes which can be used for building a website while extending the functionalities can be done through plugins. Choosing a theme or plugin is not a complicated process at all and installing and activating them also does not require much technical competence. With minimum coding require for creation of the interface and conducting modifications, the platform becomes a natural choice for beginners as well as professionals.

2. Convenient Options For Personalization

WordPress is one of the best platforms for creating a highly customized and unique interface that can be easily distinguished from its competitors. This is possible because the framework is equipped with some extremely useful and convenient options for personalization. An owner can choose from themes which are categorized according to business verticals or occupations and modify all its elements according to his/ her requirements to impart a distinctive look to the website. Similarly, the innumerable plugins can be used for adding functionalities to the interface and making it more productive for visitors. All entrepreneurs invest in having a marketing strategy for their business and the web interface can be very easily made to reflect that strategy by using the personalization facilities provided by WordPress. The flexibility offered by the platform for picking and choosing the components of the website and making changes to all aspects according to business requirements is unmatched by any other platform and therefore the platform has become the first choice of many business owners for web development.

3. Assists In Creation Of SEO Friendly Interface

Once of the biggest reasons that drives a lot of people to migrate from HTML to WordPress is that the platform enables them to have access to a SEO friendly interface. The primary objective of creating a website is to popularize the business and expanding the user base which can be easily done by getting a website which has inherent qualities that will make it rank higher in search engine results. The simple code of the core program facilitates creation of interfaces that can be easily tracked and indexed by search engines like Google. In fact, WordPress is ideal for optimizing a website with a number of effective plugins available that can be helpful in modifying page titles, URLs, meta descriptions etc. which in turn help in improving the visibility of the interface. In addition to these features, there are numerous analytical tools available that help in assessing the performance of the website and making relevant changes to the overall strategy of optimization.

4. Provides Access To Vibrant Development Community

The major factor that has made WordPress so popular is the active and vibrant developer community involved in creating new and beneficial tools and improving the platform. The open source nature of the CMS led to the rise of a community of developers who started working and contributing to the platform regularly. The vast numbers of themes and plugins that have made life easier for professionals as well as website owners are the result of the dedicated efforts of such people who work exclusively on the platform. These people also contribute by detecting problems and devising solutions for them in addition to writing about the CMS on various forums, user groups on social media platforms. Beginners can expect to find help in the form of tutorials and how- to guides while those requiring much more expert help can always engage the services of any of the numerous professional WordPress development agencies

5. Helps In Acquiring Mobile Friendly Website

Having a responsive website is not a luxury but a necessity in today’s world and when one shifts to WordPress, acquiring such an interface becomes a simple and easy task. More and more people are using smart devices to access the internet and therefore owners want to use a platform that will help in the creation of a mobile friendly website. Most themes available on WordPress are responsive in nature and help in building websites which provide a satisfying user experience on any screen size. Moreover, the process can be conducted quickly and does not require investment of significant amount of resources making the CMS the first choice for many people.


WordPress is one of the best web development platforms available and the motive behind listing these important reasons for converting a website from HTML to WordPress is to underline the advantages that an owner will enjoy on conducting such a transformation. Anyone who wants an expert opinion on the matter can call +1.415.548.6170 and request a quote.


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