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How to Convert Any Website Into a Figma Design

Web and UI designers frequently utilise Figma, a popular vector graphics editor. Without having to learn programming or use complicated software, it enables designers to produce professional-grade work in a short amount of time. Another reason it’s so well-liked is that it can be used to make designs for desktop, web, and mobile apps. The […]

Make the Right Move in 2020 with HTML to WordPress Converter Plugin

The field of content management system keeps on changing with every fraction of seconds. With the advent of a multipurpose CMS like WordPress, this transition has become quicker and more comfortable than expected. Undoubtedly, WordPress and its innumerous templates and customization options have lured people who once were happy using conventional but lengthy HTML bases […]

5 Quick Steps To Import HTML Content To WordPress

Many people still own static HTML websites which they would like to migrate to WordPress. A dynamic website that has an attractive layout and user-friendly features is a requirement and not a luxury. It is impossible to survive the competition without such an interface. Instead of replacing the entire interface, you can simply transfer it to […]